Monday, April 27, 2020

I was honored to speak at the commencement of this military academy in Bogota. These young men are going to make a lot of very difficult decisions and deal with so many complex situations. I thank God that the war in Colombia has finally been coming to an end over these past years. Going into the jungle and talking to the commanders and generals, they have explained the very difficult issues involved with an enemy that is often the very citizens of the country they are fighting for, and it tears men apart.

The top General awarded my family with tremendous honor and a civilian certificate for our work sharing the Gospel to his soldiers at various bases in the country side and the jungles. Mind blowing the things that God will do when you lay your life down for Him.

I became close friends with a CIA-like operative in the military (I won't mention the time that we wrestled on the grass at a park and I pinned him, that's another story. lol). But really, it is so beautiful to see how God can come to someone, no matter how far they may feel from Him or how dark their past might be. I have found, working in both prisons and with the military, the very same thing that Jesus found in both the Roman soldier and the criminal on the cross: faith. #letsbelieve

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