Friday, June 12, 2020

VIDEO: Reaching The World 2020 - by Michael Woroniecki

In these modern times it can be so hard to get someones ear. Especially in trying to reach the general public in rough and tumble of third-world cities. 

So, I worked hard, along with my family, to create a high quality "show" of beautiful music, up-beat dance choreographies, martial arts demonstrations and some humor and entertaining magic trick routines to captivate audiences and give us a platform to share the gospel in a dynamic fashion and teach in a motivational style of the love and compassion of the Living Jesus like never before. 

We have been welcomed into numerous public events, cultural stages, high schools and grade schools, prisons, detention centers, military encampments, homes for the elderly, orphanages, homeless charities, special needs homes and countless organizations and public and private charities. 

These are some video clips that my son put together of some of the places we have been. 

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