Saturday, July 18, 2020

Woroniecki Distributing Items In Prison

My family and I have learned, after working in prisons for so long, that even the littlest things can mean everything to those who have nothing. A string of prisons we worked in for a while in Southern Brazil had very tight limitations on what we could bring in so we were limited to popcorn and candy for all the guys.

I didn't think much of it, but afterwards I was so surprised and blessed by how much they felt loved by it and how much it meant to them. We'd bring in loads and loads of popcorn and candies as we worked with them and taught about Jesus, and they were just so grateful. 

A while later a guy named David sent us a photo of the wrappers in his window sill. He explained he had no visitors and he kept those wrappers as a reminder that he is loved and remember a day when he felt normal again. 

He went to a "friends" house to help with something and was hit in the head with a shovel and left at a crime scene. Video footage acquitted him, but the prosecutor just destroyed it and now he has a very long sentence and a serious brain injury. So many guys claim to be innocent, of course, but some surely seem sincere. And with what you hear these days, so many are. 

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