Sunday, July 5, 2020

Michael Woroniecki Working In Brazilian Prison

As I walked into this yard, one of the young men explained he had not been outside or seen the sun in 5 months because there is only one yard and several thousand men. He had years to go.

Walking through that building there, and several behind it, there was no wiring or electricity so the place was dark. Rains had left the inside soaked and puddles on the ground. The bottom floor had about six inches of trash. No furnishings or a/c or offices or people coming and going. Just a cement and iron warehouse full of men locked in 6 stories of sadness and regret. The clanging of the iron keys echoed through the whole building as the guard escorted me to each floor and each cell.  I've been to a lot of places in a lot cities and never seen such a dungeon. If you ever think your living situation is bad, and surely it may be, but just imagine in another life, who knows, you could have ended up spending years in a place like this. 

It was our privilege to spend the day with these men, teaching, sharing, laughing, playing music and sharing the perspective of eternal life and the love and unconditional forgiveness of the Father. We distributed thousands of posters for their walls with thoughts of hope and a new perspective, health kits, gospel materials, booklets, bibles, footballs, soccer balls and some clothes. The gratetitude and openness was remarkable.How they keep a smile and an upbeat attitude in such a place is mind-blowing. Some very strong and beautiful men, eager for a second chance. Many have contacted us upon their release and we continue to be apart of their journey. Thank you, Jesus. May He have mercy on all those who remain there. 

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