Sunday, May 3, 2020

Michael Woroniecki Visiting Children's Hospital

It was a beautiful moment when I was able to put on an event with my family for a children's hospital and, through some fun activities of music and magic and clowns share about the love and understanding of Jesus and the simple message of the Gospel. This is an excerpt from a few of the articles the press put out afterwards. I pray we can visit many more hospitals once all this is over.
"Dancing, music, hip hop, bubbles, and magic marked this very special Wednesday when the American family brought laughter and moments of joy to the patience and family members of the Children's Hospital Of Conception. The group, who is touring our country, has catholic roots but without promoting any religion seeks to share hope, joy, harmony, faith and family values to touch those in need through their therapeutic presentation. Michael, through a translator, spoke of how he recovered from very serious injuries in his adolescence and how God used them to build a character that he would draw from for the rest of his life.
"I have never seen anything link this.. I think it so awesome." asserted Taylor Da Silva Nikel, who is a patient at the hospital and got to participate as a volunteer in one of the magic routines. The show captivated, inspired and motivated the patients throughout the afternoon involving all the members of the audience and creating an ambience of harmony. At the end of the event, the family distributed stuffed animals and toys they brought for the children....“

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