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Simple Is Beautiful; Being A Women - By Rachel

There are so many challenges we face as women in a “man’s world”. We find ourselves fighting for a cause, a career or a husband. But is this really what we are looking for? Nothing “out there“ seems to fit.  No matter how many things we own or accomplish, a void remains. At times, loneliness and stress crush us. Emotions can get the best of us. We often react in ways we don’t understand. What I write here is not “politically correct” but who cares, it’s true.

I’m Rachel and I grew up a Catholic. My parents trained me to be a basically good person to get to heaven. So, I went to study Social Work at Central Michigan U. The first person  I met was a football player named Michael. He shared with me how he had discovered, just a few months earlier, that Jesus is a living Person, not a religious system. Jesus transformed his life and called him out of a crazy world of drugs and partying, into a purpose, security and love. His eyes were filled with the suffering of rejection from his teammates.

I had never heard anyone speak as if they actually knew God.    I didn’t even know it was possible.
As an independent thinker, I was rejected for not conforming to the image of a ‘modern woman’. So I related to his isolation and loneliness. Christmas break came and I went back to Detroit. I got the best gift of my life, a Bible. I couldn’t put it down. Something finally fit.  I was intrigued to see beautiful ideas in the Old Testament fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament. In the gospel of John, I was captivated by “the Bread of Life”. Jesus was not unapproachable nor did He demand a perfection that I could not live up to. His tender love was so personal with every individual and He was so “out of the box” in His responses. I wanted to know Him. I began to discover that the words of Jesus gave me something I never had. Like “…everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life” (Jn.6:40). Wow!

Then He says, “Follow Me” (Jn.12:26). 

I didn’t know what this would mean, or how I would do this. But He promises His Holy Spirit would teach and help me (Jn. 14:16).  So, as I went back to school, I believed His words and one day, got on my knees and gave Jesus my life (1Pet.1:23). I cherish simplicity and I simply fell in love with the living Jesus. No big emotional experience but deep inner confidence and joy.
Simple is beautiful (2Cor.11:3).

I was later baptized  (1Pet.3:21/Matt.3:11). Slowly, life seemed to fit. As I kept studying and learning, things made sense. I read Romans 3:10ff and saw that my “I’m a good person” image was so out to lunch. God says “no one is good” because of what Adam and Eve did. It is hard to admit this, but we see sin in us each day. My self-righteous nature is so strong, it’s still an ongoing effort to change. God uses circumstances to show us our need. I found myself in awful situations, broken by my own naivety and sin.

I shed many tears and each one was worth it as I entered this new life I was finding.

Over this time, as a caterpillar enters the cocoon, so I began to  “see” things in a new way (Jn.3:3). God creates a butterfly through the turmoil of transformation. You see, the key to understand what we all deal with, is in our ancestry. Instead of using a greedy online scam to trace our genealogy, the Scriptures document the reliable account of our origin; that we are all descendants of Eve. She was the ultimate woman, a princess and mother of all mankind (Gen.3/1 Tim.2:14). But she sinned and corrupted our nature (see box). Now, like the caterpillar, we must be transformed in Christ (2Cor.5:17).

My dear sister, life is so short and so fragile. You can discover so much by turning from your “I’m right, I want my way” attitude. See this nature of Eve within you and reckon it dead with Christ on the cross (Mk.8:34/Rm.6:6). God doesn’t expect us to be “good”, but rather transparent and humble. When I understood how righteousness is “reckoned” to me by FAITH, it blew my mind (Rm.4:3).
He offers us what we can never attain by our own effort.
 Mercy, not judgment. 
My dad was always away at work, so I never knew a father who loved me. Love and forgiveness were just words, until I was touched by the living Father. He is waiting with His love, to be a Father to you. There is nothing you have done that cannot be forgiven, and forgiving those who have hurt you, brings you healing.

Often, a woman rushes into marriage and is later devastated because her husband doesn’t give her or their children the love they need, is consumed with work or becomes unfaithful. But whatever your situation, God promises redemption if you will seek His salvation.

My daughters live consumed with a vision beyond themselves, so finding a guy is not an issue. They learned several languages, travel to tons of countries and change countless lives (check out their blogs). You too, can touch people in need.

Find a new heart in His resurrection. Make your dream bigger than marriage or a career, make it love for those who suffer. There are endless opportunities. They need you.

Michael and I have been married for forty years. Our relationship is free of chaos because in obedience, I submit to him and he submits to the Father (Eph. 5:22-24). Every marriage has the toxic possibility of “the witch and the wimp” syndrome. For me, submission is a non-issue, because I gave up my life to Jesus (Gal.2:20).

It doesn’t suppress my personality, rather, I am released and have the security to be myself and it’s awesome. 

Today’s “churches” are not the true church (Mk.7:6, Jn.4:24, Acts 17:24).  A token service on Sunday cannot bring you into the Fathers plan for your life. I have met countless women who say they are “Christians” but are contentious and rule their husbands for materialistic gain. This leads to rampant divorce with its severe consequences.

We have six incredible children, and being a mother is something I take very seriously. I am outraged to see mothers, aloof and consumed with themselves, who treat their child as an unruly pet. Children require painstaking involvement and teaching. They are in this world because of our decision, not theirs. We are accountable.

Nothing in this world can rival the incredible fulfillment a woman can find in Christ. He wants to be a “hiding place”, my dear one, a refuge of love from the storms of life (Ps.91:1). He is the right fit. You must realize that heaven and hell are at stake. Don’t live by your own random thoughts and feelings. You will regret it. You must immerse yourself in God’s Word for accurate thinking. Don’t let this world define you. Be brave. Be a real woman.

Simple is beautiful! Ask Jesus to make you new! 

-Michael has taken us to over 50 countries, where we share the living Jesus and work with tens of thousands in countless venues. At times doing a massive theatrical show for the poor and needy. Never could I have imagined bringing my voice in song to 3rd world prisons, or having the privilege to dance as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.  Every single time, I am reminded of being born again into a new creation. 

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