Thursday, April 4, 2019

It's Called Heart

So what is the strongest thing about you? What makes you... you? We all share similar characteristics but one thing sets you apart. It’s not a career. It’s called heart. It’s the how and why you do things. It’s yours to fill with whatever or whomever you choose. They say “spend your heart to ‘make this world a better place”. But have you ever wondered what is the end-game of this world? Would it not be wise to figure this out before you give your life to it? Know this; the heart can be broken. When this happens, danger flashes upon us like lightning on a transformer. It can shut you down. No going back. No company out there called “Heart Fixer”.

There is, however, the One Who created you. Jesus describes Him, not as a preacher or a “church”, but as a “Father” 184 times. He is the expert on everything concerning... you. Jesus showed His heart in 33 yrs. of walking amongst us. What a Man. What a God. Nothing but wisdom, compassion, and love. You and I were the passion of His heart. Thus, the how and why Jesus lived, was to go to the cross to die for our sin. The Father raised Him from the grave to heal our heart, give us a plan and forgive all our sin; past, present, and future (1Pt.2:24).

Jesus coined the phrase “the world” with a connotation of the most extreme evil (Mt.18:7/Jn.18:36). He warned, never to gain it, or love it (Mk.8:36/1Jn.2:15-17).

Jesus says this world is hostile to His heart and will destroy yours (Mk.4:19, Jn.10:10, 2Co.4:4, Jm.4:4, Pr.4:23). He said its ruler is none other than a diabolical fallen angel named Satan (Jn.12:31/16:11/Lk.4:5/1Jn.5:19).

As God, Jesus says “My Kingdom is not of this world... I am the Door” into another world. You must be born again both to see and enter (Jn.3/10). It is not a “church”, group or moral lifestyle (Mk.7:6, Jn4:24, Acts17:24). Jesus is a living Person, not a religious system. He is the only One Who will protect your heart and fulfill you with an extraordinary life. Right now you can not imagine what your future holds. Jesus guarantees a future propelled by eternal life.

The heart of God cares about multitudes of individuals in desperate need of help (Mt.25:31). I have been privileged to have traveled to many ‘third world’ countries in which the needs are enormous. Don’t spend your heart on the American Dream. It ends in a nightmare of self-indulgence, heartache, divorce, debt, anxiety, unexpected depression, and tragedy. It’s just a fact, my friend. Look beyond the fantasy to reality.

There is no assurance of happiness in marriage or a career. There is assurance from the Father that if you will give up your life to Jesus, He will fill you with rivers of living water (Jn.7:37).
Think, with a deep heart. What is really worth your one short life? God cannot lie. Yes, He is invisible. His ways are not those of a system or corporation. His are the ways of a Father leading a son or daughter by the means of faith in His living Son. You can’t make yourself a “better” person because once a sinner, always a sinner. You can, however, become a new person. “If anyone is in Christ old things pass away, behold new things come” (2.Cor.5:17).

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