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Don't Give Up - You We're Meant To Fly

Should you stop and read this right now? Probably not...if you’re backing into traffic, balancing hot coffee or being stalked by a grizzly bear. Well, that one’s a stretch. But hey, just a bit ‘out of the box’, to relate and connect, as a friend, who cares about you.

Before my beloved mother died of cancer, she told me it felt like some thing was eating away inside. Quite grim. I know. But this image also depicts the hidden emotional pain that eats away in all of us, like cancer. Even family and friends don’t know.

A world of hurt and desperation can fuel a life-cyle of depression and anger. And we don’t know what to do. It weighs us down and holds us back. My friend, please, do all you can to understand this. Through no fault of our own we are born into a predicament that dooms us to failure. No matter the smile, there is “something” inward that ruins things outward.

It is not due to you or your personality. It is due to a thing in you operating against you. The most educated man in the Bible said “I am doing the very thing I do not want... I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me” (Rm.7:19-21/  2 Thes.2:7).

Out of His massive love for us, God informs us that we are “sick” because of an inherent evil in the nature we inherit from Adam at birth. But God has already dealt with it and resolved it. Bamm. Done. Over. You just don’t know it. The verdict is in: God has a plan to love you.

Like you, I grew up accepting nominal Christianity. That sin is an occasional bad thing dealt with by remorse. I had no idea that playing “church” is the kiss of death. Why? Nice sermons tickle our ears but turn us into a phonies (Mk.7:6/Mt.15:7). How? By using Bible concepts, without understanding truth, presumption wraps you in hypocrisy (Lk.12:1).

It happened to me. The “Christians” smiled and insisted I was ‘righteous’. So I went along. But slowly I saw the lie; that my heart felt miserable and contradicted my “I’m fine” pretense. So I began to delve into the Scriptures.

I was blown away to discover God takes no delight in appearance and sacrifice. What God requires is “a broken and contrite heart” (Ps.51:17).

What does this mean? I thought to myself, “Is that all you want God? My heart? I can do that. That’s easy. It’s the stop-sinning-thing I can’t do”. So what is HEART? One thing for sure, no one likes the word “broken”. It carries the label ”loser”. But there He is. No one more broken than Jesus. And He says “He who loves his life shall lose it and he who loses his life shall find it” (Jn.12:25). Not quite the “Poof” of a ‘sinner’s prayer’ that magically turns one into a Christian.

Please, my brother or sister, don’t stop reading. My words are a grudge against “churches” but out of a love for the Father and the truth. I am sharing this in the Spirit and love for you. You are on the verge of breakthrough. God warns of anti-christ and “another JESUS...” (2 Cor. 11:4). Hypocrisy is easy but lethal. Today’s “Been there done that. I already know all this” is common.

You’re bigger than that. Eternity in heaven or hell is decided here and now. God is not a “preacher’,  or a thing to do or to get. He is a Father to KNOW. He loves you as you are but His provision requires understanding His revelation.

Don’t be afraid of your sin and weakness. It qualifies you for His grace ( Rm.5:20).
A broken heart is worth more than a trillion dollars. The majority wrongly think you get ‘righteous’ by knowledge and morality. God says His righteousness is “reckoned” to a heart of faith. We are all broken by sin in many ways. The answer to pain is not doctrine (Rm.10:10,4:22).

You may have heard these things many times. Nonetheless, I pray this is the time you hear with your heart. Blow your own mind by utilizing the intelligence of your own heart like never before. Sin was engineered by, Satan, a one-time magnificent angel, who fell. So you can’t be lazy and naive. Come on man. Kick it out. You know the roller coaster of emotional euphoria then a dungeon of despair. It is “sick” (Jer.17:9).

I got to get you to ‘Ground Zero’. A broken and contrite heart is like a ‘night vision’ to see what is real so you are not blinded by the darkness. Born a sinner always a sinner. The deadly undercurrent of learning stuff is a toxic presumption that knowledge makes you “better” than what you were before. At the end of his life Paul says “I AM...the chief sinner” (1Tim.1:15).

A guy called King David was probably the simplest dude in the Bible. He did tons of wicked stuff. Yet he realized, despite this, he could develop a heart for God. Life is not fixed in cement. David concluded he could slay a giant twice his size. He got this thinking from simply being real before God. He saw how the ego of King Saul keeps you a slave to others, double-mindedness and mediocrity.

Your heart is formed, not just by words and tone, or by the things you do, but above all, by how you see yourself before God. Things like contemplation, calculation, circumspection, introspection and resolution are tools of expansion. Can’t be lazy.

You can easily master the “giant” that lives within and slay those that lie ahead. Faith is easy when you got heart.

David danced, sang and wrote 150 songs praising Him, in a ‘studio’ of green pastures, open fields and a vast blue sky. Like a kid who loves candy, David knew he had access to a God Who owned the ultimate candy store. His faith was not conjured up emotion. It was the conclusion drawn from “seeing” the awesome love for him of the living God.

Two wooden beams held God’s c rucified Son, in Whom collided our filthy sin with His holy forgiveness. Justice threatened mercy. Mercy did not blink. Two “enemies”: man against God, having it out, in a face-off, at the intersection of a cross. The Father gave in and lost everything. Jesus broadcasting the BREAKING NEWS live from Calvary;  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

In reply, the Father “...so loved... He gave...” His beloved Son, His divine Companion, found dead on that hill, on that day, like no other. The Father made it clear to all men, in every generation, His love for us is personal and unconditional mercy (Jn.3:16,12:32/Eph.2:4). “I long to have compassion on you (Is.55:7, 30:18). “I love you...I will heal you...Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow... I will wipe out... tread down... and cast all your sin into the sea... “Return to Me and I will abundantly forgive” (Read Heb.10:20/Is.1:18,43:25,44:22/Mic.7:19).

This is what gets me out of be in the morning. God is not waiting for me to rise up and be “a good person” because He “came down” to enter our fallen state (Rm.10:6-10/Jn.6:38). Adam broke humanity into depravity. He turned his back on God. So God wipes him out, right? No. He sends Jesus into our broken humanity to turn us back from depravity.

We blame. We rage. We cry. We are broken hearts looking back 10,000 years bewildered over the insane act of our ancestors. Why Adam? Why’d you do it? Adam’s sin now reeks havoc in my mind. Admit it. You feel it. You see it. Every day. In so many ways. But God comes back “...through one man (Adam) many were made sinners...but through Christ the free gift of grace abounds” (Rm.5:8-19). So, in a nutshell, your future depends on something so simple. A choice of heart to be “united”, not with a “church”, but with His death (Rm.6:6). Athletes, business men, doctors “die to” many things to serve a career. Dying to self is weird. It is the ‘broken’ recognition that our present condition prevents an extraordinary future.

Jesus is not a religious system. He is a living Person Who says “Come to Me....you must be born from above...deny yourself take up your cross... learn from Me... receive forgiveness, rest, and healing... rivers of living water shall flow within your innermost being...” (Mt.11:27/Jn.3:7,7:37,10,12:40).

Jesus revealed a Father Who loves and heals even the worst of sinners. Jesus blew away everyone with His wisdom, humor, creativity and freedom. Especially the “church” Pharisees who wanted religious ways to emulate not a call to a broken relationship of personal heart.
I mean think about it. God walked in your shoes, looked through our eyes, sensed our darkest impulse, wore our clothing, breathed our air and felt our despair. He didn’t spout lofty poems or legalistic demands. Walking Love. He didn’t even know if anyone would ever understand. He felt the exact sensations of our sinful body, so that He Who knew no sin could become sin. He inaugurated forgiveness before we even committed one sin ( 2 Cor.5:21/Heb.  ).

In three hours on the cross, Jesus was crushed by every problem you and I will ever face in this world. 

As our Substitute and propitiation, “the sacrificed Lamb” satisfied every demand of the 10 commandments. Jesus gave blood atonement for all sin, past, present and future (Heb.1:3+7:26/Jn.1/1 Pt.3:18). My Hero slew the dragon, the inner monster, and won the right to my wicked soul. He killed the kill of sin and death. The heart of a Warrior! Satan built a hut; ego. Jesus razed it and built a massive skyscraper; a heart of sacrificial love; able to empty yourself of yourself, so others can know His love.

Salvation is not dependent on your present behavior but on this past behavior of His. Every day I break at least one of the 10,000 laws. One bite of gluttony. One glance of vanity. One sensation of lust. One instinct of greed. The impulse of sin ticks in us like the seconds of a clock. Yet, in every second, the Father’s response is overwhelming compassion. David knew God’s love did not waver, despite his hypocrisy, adultery and even murder. He did not have a defense. He had a broken and contrite heart.
Repentance is walking in transparency and being real in Jesus. The truth (Gk.alethea-reality) will set you free (Jn.8:32-34).
An eagle “loses” all it’s own feathers in a valley of solitude, so that it can regain a new capacity to soar in the heights of mountain winds. 

By His Wounds We Are Healed

Jesus rose from a dead in a divine body (Is.53/Jn.5:18, 8:58, 10:30, 14:7, 17:21). The Father offers to put this Spirit of the living Jesus in you, despite sinful nature. This is a treasure in a “earthen vessel” (2Cor.4:7). It is a mystery (Col.1:27). It can only happen through true repentance, not parroting a prewritten “sinner’s prayer”. It is training to discipline your heart to cherish God’s love rather than be subject to stupid feelings.

The Father does not flip flop. His love is set as a historical event based on documented fact. Always waiting for you. It has no historical equivalent. All man’s “accomplishments” and 7000 denominations over 2000 yrs. offer nothing to help our pain. God’s purpose for you is not ‘out there’. It is right here and now. Picture Jesus in the the tomb. He sat up, stood up and walked out. This, my friend, is the motive to wake up in the morning...to sit up, stand up and live to give...His love to others.

How do you love a God Whom you can not see? By giving His love to those whom you can see (1Jn.4:20). Love is the direct phone line to the Father that you “get it”. “Don’t worry about me Father. I died with Jesus. Just help me help others know You”. Use your SOUL-Strategy Of Understanding Love.

We, as fallen creatures, live in a real life ‘Twilight Zone’. Enormous amounts of energy and money are spent on happiness. Yet some weird ‘thing’ inside us is never happy; “So what? Now what?” Death laughs at all man’s accomplishments, as it waits in the shadows.

Some pursue drugs, therapy, relationships, even “church”. The sad truth is most people will go to the grave never knowing; “Will anyone ever truly love me?’ My friend, please, listen to me. The answer is reality. There is no purpose for existence other than to be touched by true love. This is the salvation of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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