Friday, November 12, 2010

In Your Hands


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This is a blog written and published by Michael Woroniecki and His wife and six children (the woroniecki family). For our official website visit 

-What is the truth about the Michael Woroniecki family? The truth is…well… who really cares? We are not so deluded so as to think anyone is out there thinking about us. However, what (WHOM) we have to offer is nothing less than spectacular!

What does it mean to LIVE for Christ?! Give us a chance to share with you! You may have just met us, or maybe you met us in the past. We've grown a lot over the years. We do not represent any denomination or doctrine nor are we supported by any group or church. We work for the money to do what we do. We are a simple family with six children, Abraham, Joshua, David, Sarah, Ruth, Elizabeth, Rachel and Michael (the only bald ugly one). (I've always maintained that Rachel must be partially blind.)

We have traveled to over thirty-five countries to spread the marvelous love of Christ over the past thirty years. We have dealt with millions of people, multitudes of events, crazy situations and a wide range of individuals.  We deal with people that are mentally ill, deranged, homeless, impoverished, and so many from so many different walks of life. We have have been to many, many prisons and have worked with the people there. 

There are individuals who have tried to distort our ministry and have chosen to spread lies about us over the Internet. We know who these people are and we forgive them. Unfortunately we live in a day and age of electronic media where one "cyber-bully" can paint themselves as an articulate, intelligent individual or even a group of people and craft comments, web pages and emails that may seem innocent or informative but have the specific purpose of trying to negate our message.  The image they try to paint of us is the exact opposite of who we are. We ask you not to be influenced by their (his) lies but rather let us bear witness to the truth of who we are and the love of Jesus Christ that we minister to the world.

We have no interest in satisfying anyone’s particular curiosity over some specific tidbit of controversy and persecution. There is a price we must pay for the cross that we must carry (Mt.10:38, 16:24). We have a website that covers all the issues of our ministry.

Do not take this blog lightly my friend! Jesus now reaching out to YOU! Your eternity is IN YOUR HANDS! He offers you the keys to eternal life (Mt. 16:19)! He is not going to force you. The free will is either a blessing, if you respond or a curse if you insist on your own way. It’s not about being religious or going to “church”. This is about discovering the living and awesome Person of Jesus!

Who really thinks of their free will as a powerful divine gift? Today, people are saturated by the dictates of a society that says “normal” means to merely exist; to go through the motions. Get a job, make a buck and...? It should be no puzzle consequently then to find depression as the predominant weight in one’s life. I hear people say “Oh nobody tells me what to do. I’m my own man (Does your wife know you say that?)”. Yet in the second breath they blame God for everything. Well you can’t have it both ways. If you are “your own man” then why do you blame God for your life?

We were not created as animals to be driven by the instincts of self-gratification. We are made in the image of God for a divine purpose. Yet it comes only through surrender not rebellion. You can never be fulfilled, as a spiritual creation, by worldly things. When the bubble of self-satisfaction is popped from where will you find the motivation to live?

It took my conversion into the living Christ to realize “Woe! My entire life is IN MY HANDS!” If you want to escape the misery of ‘going through the motions’ the ignition of our free will is the divine substance called faith (Heb.11:6-see THE CORNERSTONE 4 paragraphs down in article)! You've got to get it in your head that what men say or what this world thinks does not matter! What matters is that God exists, Jesus is about to return and His love can become so personal you actually can discover the eternal life He offers.

There is no cookie pattern to which you must conform. No “church” rules. No “sinner’s prayer”. It was at the age of twenty that I began to study the Word of God all on my own. I began to realize the potential of a life dedicated to Christ was limitless and backed by the profound promises of God’s revealed Word (Jn.10:10). It wasn't to be “RELIGIOUS”! It did not depend on my natural strength but on His REVELATION to me of Christ. THEN my will could become motivated!

Of course there are so many Mr. Naysayers who insists you can NOT just go it on your own. You must find some authority figure or system to show you the way. If you want to say you area Christian than you must conform to this huge American system of Christianity for an hour on Sunday where you must repeat some little man-made prayer. You must be told what is right and wrong by someone else. In other words God is not real, or caring so as to teach and lead someone who wants to serve Him. They imply that GOD is really not able to alone empower you with everything you need (John 15:26/1 Jn.2:27).
Everybody says you MUST have other people. Really? Wow, that’s depressing! What if you just don’t? What if you realize they are all phonies and nobody really cares? Are you supposed to just go along and pretend with them? Are you supposed to go out and make it your life quest to find people to care about you? No thanks! What if you traced those “pastors” and found that there was one who never had any authority over him? Does the whole thing break down?

You don’t have to spend ten years thinking over and over about things. Read the Word. Begin to find answers. Talk directly to Christ (2 Cor.6:2/ Heb.4:6). Pride and unbelief are the hidden reasons men refuse to believe God. Can you set your will beyond these things? People insist that MAN has the answers. Sorry Charlie, it just ain't so. The heart of the Father grieves over man’s defiance. Our nature has been poisoned by what Adam incurred by his rebellion at creation. We all inherit this nature of sin that drives us to desperately search for acceptance and life from others. But it just doesn't happen.

THE CORNERSTONE- I remember when I was young how my Dad pointed out to me the cornerstone in the basement of our house he laid with his own hands. It determines the stability of the entire house. Everything is somehow tied to it. If it is weak or unstable the entire house can collapse at the time of pressure and calamity. Does God exist? An ‘honest’ pagan will welcome such a question as the essence of faith. He understands that this is the basis of any further considerations about life.

It is the person who shrugs off this question as being to elementary that lacks true hope for finding the keys of the kingdom. For it is upon this cornerstone that a beautiful house can be built (Mt.7:24ff). One time we had a Spanish teacher in
Galveston, Texas who lived with her family on the shore in a house built on wooden beams. We warned her to leave but she insisted it was secure. Soon a hurricane destroyed everything. Before you dismiss this question, of whether God exists, as too elementary ask yourself how much you really are aware of the Presence of a living God are in your day to day life.

You may be able to articulate all manner of Christian doctrines but what is the actual tangible proof in your disposition and attitude of a personal and loving Father? Most will say “Well of course I believe in God” because they are terrified to be thought of as some evil unbeliever, when in fact this is exactly what their life shows them to be. This “basic” reality of believing in the Presence of God is the only cornerstone upon which ANY further doctrines can be defined as authentic and operative.

Faith in God is so crucial it is the sole determination of your quality of life now and for eternity! Read Hebrews 11:6-Rom.4:18-21! To believe that God exists is the prime motivation for me to live and access the keys into the vision of Christ leading to paths of a new life. Do you really believe in the intimate Presence of an invisible all powerful Being? Right here, right now? Would this not completely alter your most basic daily disposition and activities? Is God big enough and does He desire to be the sole Shepherd of your soul to lead you “beside still waters” (Ps.23)? 

The moments of our lives fly by. A photo album records pictures of a baby, an adolescent, young adult, and then, in just a few pages, the same exact person as an old man or woman. What does it take to plunder the moments of life before it’s too late? A tragedy strikes and suddenly a moment, that we would otherwise waste or take for granted, is greatly cherished.

It can be expanded into a precious opportunity to be and do things beyond what you ever imagined. What will it take for you to slam on the brakes of going nowhere? Sit alone, be still, and meditate on the very Presence of a living God. Believe! Set your will to change you mind and attitudes?! You don’t have to be proud, impulsive, abrasive or insensitive. You can, in an instant, humble yourself Draw from simple faith in God a heart to believe in the excruciating work of Jesus for you on the cross. He can take your old self and make you a giver of love, humor and creativity. This is your FREE WILL!

Amidst a world of immense suffering and evil, why would God be so hidden and silent? Put your hand over your heart. Feel the cardio sub-base pounding just below the surface. It beats to a fixed rhythm and time. It tells you that you are definitely finite! What do you think about your imperfection? How bad is it? How deep does it go? How much does it affect your daily life and could it be the real problem to everything else? Seize the moment. Redeem your time. Discover the truth of faith in Christ. How tragic to miss what God offers you!

Our focus here is for any one individual wondering whether there might be something beyond all the phony evangelical “Christianity”. Yes, my friend! There is much more. Don’t let this world harden your heart or drowned your soul with despair. Striving to be a Christian is not the answer. The end is hypocrisy, pretense and emptiness. Discovering the living Jesus is the answer. Don’t let the consequences of life, marriage or divorce steal away one opportunity on earth!

We all have times when we blame God for not doing what we want and having to deal
with things we don’t want. Blame is a popular game. It started with Adam blaming Eve then her blaming the serpent. Such is the thinking of our imperfect lives. However, what we want to get you to do is to change your focus, from being on things right here and now today, to focus back to 2000 years ago, for a three hour period when Christ was on the cross. It’s not about what He will do for you but what He has already done for you! Jesus bore in His body the infiltration of death into our bloodstream and all sin of all men for all time. Faith opens up a retroactive participation for any man into the victory of His resurrection.

This must become your focus! It is not living for the present but a living based on one event from the past that will open the way to find a future. Astrology teaches that change is impossible. They say that your personality is fixed by the stars. Men can change their clothes, their habits and even their lifestyle but to totally change your heart…well…what do you think? What if simply changing the focus of your thoughts, from being consumed with yourself, to what Christ already did for you actually began to and ended up changing your life without even realizing it?

You can think and talk about your problems until you’re blue in the face but until you are willing to deal with the root issues everything will continue. Your problems are not with a person, a job or a physical ailment. It is with the immense imperfection in your heart attitude (Jer.17:9). If you want to see the existence of God you deal with TRUTH. God wants to show you Himself! You must get alone; just you and God. He cares SO MUCH! He yearns to show you Himself. There is nothing to fear. But you’ve got to get beyond your own pride and unbelief. You’ve got to be willing to change, to grow, to become whom the Father intends to recreate in HIS image!

I always hear “Christians” insisting that they can’t do anything without a “leading”. So they never do anything. The Word of God has already “led” those who “hear” to act by FAITH (Jn.6:27ff/Heb.11:6). (see below –Faith or Feelings). The truth is they just do not will to do such things as they can. It’s called laziness. They don’t want to be accountable for their FREE will. They insist “There is a lion in the streets” (Pr. 26:13).
I know how the constant bombardment of hopeless thoughts can weigh down even the strongest heart. But God offers an answer. He doesn't keep a son or daughter blowing in the wind. How serious are you? Your time on this earth is all out warfare. You must exercise your FREE WILL to stop being cynical and blaming God? You must exercise your FREE WILL TO BELIEVE GOD! Choose NOT to just go along, but rather to fight to discover what God wants you to become?! Not with anger or religious emotion but faith. Don’t be na├»ve. No one cares. This world demands so much from you in return for so little. God requires so little in return for so much.

You can’t look to anyone. Like the lion in The Wizard of Oz, you need “Courage!” The reward will make you cry and laugh (Jn.7:37ff). People get down on us for exposing conventional Christianity as being full of hypocrisy. Yet they admit the very same things but are afraid to talk about openly. The only way to get to the truth is to first identify the counterfeit. It is not our desire to be negative or judgmental. Neither do we care about being ‘politically correct’. Love without truth is not love and vice versa.

The apostles did not follow a “church” along the shores of Galilee. A system did not heal Peter’s mother in law. Jesus was then, and is today, a living Person! I say this times without number and people just nod their heads but don’t get it…HIM! I’m not talking about a warm and fuzzy emotional catharsis or hoot-owl Pentecostal wowism. Beyond all that your senses dictate is the realm of the Holy Spirit. It is not found in doctrines, denominations or a set pre-written salvation formula. God is spirit and thus you too must become “spirit” (Jn.4:24). What does it really mean to be “born from above” (Jn.3:3ff)?
This world belongs to Satan (1Jn.5:19). All the hell on earth and in your heart is the result of his rule of all men through sin. Faith is the only means to lift you beyond this world into the existence of God. How does this happen? Jesus described the essence of His ways as being like THE WIND (Jn.3:8). Paul describes Jesus as the “mystery of God” (Col.1:27). This being FACT, why is it that men package up the things of God into a comfortable system of doctrines called Christianity? “Learn it, do it and your done with God” they say.

Undoubtedly you have heard, and most likely you assume, that you already know all about the things of Jesus. Religious presumption makes it impossible for God to get to you. It will prohibit you from “seeing” anything. Can you set your will to humble yourself? No matter how much you THINK you know, will you recognize that your empty life proves things are just not right?

Beyond what you feel or even what you have experienced, what is the objective revelation of God’s Word? Despite what others might say what does GOD say He gives to a man? Can you be honest enough to say “I just don’t believe it”. Such transparency makes you much closer than pretending. One of the hardest things for people to do is admit that, regardless of their “Christian” past, they never really knew God. Your past “accomplishments” are nothing but a detriment if they now prevent you from finding a future in truth. What matters is not a pride of what you say you’ve done, but a humility to do something you’ve never done. Conversion is proven by ongoing repentance.
We are constantly searching the Spirit to convey the marvelous mysteries of God’s Word without drawing from the jargon pool of evangelical “Christian” hypocrisy. It saturates this culture. As shocking as it might be to you Jesus was not a “preacher” and His church was not made with cement. The Greek word for “truth” is “reality”. What is the reality of your day to day life? Not what you SAY but what you live. Jesus says “I am reality…” (Jn.14:6). Rather we search to draw from the inexhaustible wells of Living Water (Jn.7:37).

Jesus says the kingdom of God is right here, in front of you (Lk.17:21). Where?! It is a place within your place and a time within time. Revelation is found in the stillness of body and mind. Faith is the current of God’s river leading into a vision of a new world.

Someone may think “Boy, this guy really thinks he’s better than everyone else”. Quite the opposite! I know what a scumbag I am. Everything I say here is not dependent on my natural abilities but on a living God who works on behalf of a man who exerts his free will to believe His revelation. It is not my intention to convey, in any way, an image of being good or superior. Neither will I deny the power and joy I know of the righteousness by faith in Jesus.

These things are beautiful and can sound quite simple. However, for a man to get beyond his pride and humble himself into a transparent disposition before God is “impossible” (Mark10:27). A man MUST die; i.e. completely yield (Mt.16:24-25/ Rm.6:6/ Eph.2:10-11). The timeline is up to you. It’s not “creepy”. This thing we call SELF is nothing more than a disgusting hindrance to everything wonderful that God offers you. Faith is mystifying, enjoyable and meaningful! It offers you the only keys to conquer your past and sin.

We have met people who try to act out what they see. It doesn’t last and will lead to ruin because self-pride remains and God opposes the proud and also the troubled conscience has not been resolved (Heb. 10:22). The life we live in Christ is not a science to be studied and applied. It is a gift from God to the humble (Eph.2:10ff). It’s not about natural emulation or moral evolution. You can only receive the reality of Christ through your fellowship with the Father by exercising your will to believe GOD IS; “I AM THAT I AM” (Ex.3:14)!

Some people simply don’t believe. They are waiting for God to do something that He has already done; manifested His love to the world (Rm.5:8). God is so secure in all that He has done to provide a witness of Himself to the nations (Rm.1:20). He has nothing more He has to do but carry out His promise of justice. People refuse to believe who we are or have the life we claim. (They do however choose to believe lies written about us. This gets them off the hook of accountability for the message we preach. They can just write us off as “weird”.) They think we exaggerate our experience in Jesus and that no one can truly live a new life beyond what this world offers. We respond in love, forgiveness and rejoice because soon the Day of Judgment will lay all things bare (Rm. 2:16).

What we are trying to do on this battlefield of the cyber-world, as you view our websites, is breakthrough the false modern mentality of American Christianity to crystallize for you the Person of the living Jesus! This is not our own unique verbal mantra but rather the language of revelation the Father yearns to teach anyone who will come directly to Him (Mt.11:27ff).

These ARE the last days! Satan is rising in this culture to take his final throne. The anti-christ does not come with two horns to stamp men with 666. He uses both secular and religious vessels to do one thing; enhance the pride of man against the cross of Jesus Christ. You may think this is a game but will soon behold reality. Beg the Father to give you revelation of His living Son (Mt.11:25)! The Koran teaches the abomination that God has no son. Jesus is God’s Son and the essence of salvation through God’s Word! Read the Gospel of John.

Give it a shot! Go to our website. Contact us. We don’t bite. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. But this is not about us. It’s about YOU and the ONE Who loves you. He can make you into what you’ve always wanted to be!
Before I share further, or possibly lose any of you with the writing of so many words, I want to share one thing. For one truth about the Michael Woroniecki family is that we walk with the poor and the rejects of this world and we have paid a high price to do so.

There are scores of devastated individuals “out there” whom you may pass by without even realizing it. Some are mentally ill from being devastated by things beyond their control. People laugh or judge them. The rich say they’re just lazy bums. I say we are all lazy bums. Beyond all this “important” stuff we are discussing here in this cyber-world is the dark reality of individuals who have nothing! These faces are just like ours. At one time, they may have had and done just what we’re doing here. Bad and unforeseen things happened. Sad things went down. Maybe you already know or dare to imagine the absolute hell of being ALL ALONE with no hope in sight.
Think about it. Somewhere on Times Square is guy named Doug. He’s deaf and homeless. Yet he has a smile on his face and tries to help other homeless guys. Someplace out there is a guy calling himself “Mark”. It was so long since anyone spoke to him he actually forgot his birth name. There are so many stories. What’s YOURS? There are scores of sick and handicapped who’d give anything for just a few minutes of someone who cares. War Veterans who gave everything and now have nothing! They just need to borrow your arm on their shoulder, your hug or a sincere word. Some guy needs medicine or a better wheel chair.

So the next time the “Poor me” syndrome zaps you, look up one of these wandering souls! Just a few words, a hand shake or hug, a few bucks or a sandwich or coat can give them a seed of hope they would otherwise never have if it wasn’t for YOU! Do it my friend. Do it. It’s YOU that will receive the most (Acts 20:35). If you stop here and do something, then this blog is worth it.

THEE TRUTH 1- Ten people can experience an event, incident or meet a person and each have a completely different perspective. How can this be? Each perspective may be true, to some extent, but the whole truth is dependent on complete objectivity. Each person has a free will. Each person has the choice to have “their own beliefs” or surrender their agenda to God’s ultimate truth. How many times have you thought something to be a certain way only to later realize that you were completely wrong about someone or something?

Deception exists…not ‘out there’ but in you (Jer.17:9). How can you protect yourself from yourself? We may think something that is true, and it may be to some extent, but sin is so deep and grievous within us, and God is so BIG, that unless you are “broken and contrite” before Him you will miss the ultimate TRUTH revealed only by the Holy Spirit (Mic.6:8/Ps.51:17/Jn.16:13). God will let you believe a lie, about something or someone, including Him, if you are playing games deep inside (Jm.1:22/2 Thes.2:11ff/2tim.2:4).

2- Consider a man falsely accused of being “dangerous” because he contradicts all that is status quo. The masses accept public opinion. They “blackball” him as weird because of his unconventional conduct. They say his teaching destroys the happy lives of ordinary people and sends them “over the edge”. The “professionals” say his message is exclusive, misguided and arrogant. His reputation as a man of God is destroyed by lies. People who have contact with him do bizarre things. His friends abandon him. In the eyes of the public this only confirms what “they” say.

3-Who really is this man? Have you ever MET him? Well…they nailed Him to a cross but yet He rose from the dead! They didn’t know the truth about Jesus back then or today. In today’s culture Jesus would be labeled a “cult leader” because He refused to conform to the opinions of men. He was not “politically correct”. Men said that Jesus had a demon because his teachings greatly offended people and were contrary to the accepted religious system.

4-This ‘man’ was just a Carpenter. Yet within Him was the very Presence of God the Father. It is not surprising that a cult like Islam teaches God had no son because this strikes at the very essence of the truth (Jn.3:16). Many people met Jesus but never saw or met God His Father (Jn.14:6-9). Why? Is it the fault of Jesus or the lack of faith in the one who comes to Him? What is THE TRUTH? Does not each person have their own free will by which they choose to perceive things? As then so it is today that all things concerning the truth come down to faith. God’s truth is not known by the words or thinking of men but by the revelation of God through His Word by His Spirit (Mt.10:25).

5- Long ago, a lowly and despised homeless man stood face to face with the ruler of the greatest nation on earth. Yet it was Pilate who asked this Carpenter “What is truth?” (Jn.18:37ff). The world is fully aware of this void. The prophets of old declared that truth is far from the human race (Is.59:9, 15/Jer.17:9/Rm.3:10). Truth is not a virtue or ideal but the living Person of Jesus Christ (Jn.14:6)! Truth had to descend out of heaven from God into the world. It must now be sought out and applied to one’s life. Jesus says “I was born for one reason; to testify to THE TRUTH” (Jn.18:37-38). Jesus would never have had to come into the world if truth existed. The truth is not subject to everyone’s opinion or it would not be absolute truth.

6-Jesus identifies this world as wicked and belonging to Satan (Jn.7:7,12:31,15:18-19,18:36). It is void of truth. He was not talking about rocks or trees. The “world” is not an inanimate object. It was born into the nature of Adam and Eve in their sin of rebellion against God and is now passed on to all of mankind (Rm.5: 12ff/1Jn. 2:14ff)! As the song by Dionne Warwick and Elton John says “We are the world”! All men lie in the power of Satan (1Jn.5:19). This supernatural being offered the full glory of this world to Jesus because it is his to offer (Mt.4:8ff). It is built on the false assertion that men; i.e. this world is good (Rm.3:10ff/Jn.8:44). God’s truth is that it is going to be completely destroyed and a new world created (2 Pt. 3:10ff).

7-The Hollywood image of Satan in some sensational exorcism is nonsense. Satan rules as much through “prosperity” (materialism) and religion (self-righteousness) as he does through drugs, booze, violence, witchcraft and paganism. There are no levels of sin because SIN IS A NATURE NOT A SINGLE ACTION (Rm. 7). Satan uses you; against you! He manipulates the very thing you don’t understand; SIN. Thoughts and emotions are the strings of the Puppet Master (2 Cor.10:3-5). Satan knows you far better than you know yourself. The one thing he doesn’t know is whether or not you will access God’s truth with your free will to fight him.

8-He is a highly sophisticated fallen archangel. He has supernatural wisdom beyond anyone’s imagination. He capitalizes on man’s complete naivety. All that Satan wants you to do is nothing… real… with God! An hour on Sunday is fine. Lip service and pretense are fine. Play “church”. No problem. Look for answers by talking to some “Pastor” or friend. Just don’t go directly to Jesus. You must become “armed” and dangerous (Eph.6:6ff). Discover the Risen Person of Jesus!

9- Men accused Jesus of being mentally ill and having a demon (Jn.10:20). His constant offense did not fit their definition of love (Lk.11:45). Jesus did not exemplify the kind of lifestyle that fitted the expectations of men who love this world. Yet God the Father declared “This is My beloved Son in Whom I AM WELL PLEASED” (Lk.3:22/ Mt.12:18). Jesus “ranted” against those who saw a building as God’s dwelling place (John 2:14ff). The truth was His “ranting” was God’s wrath towards the corrupt hypocrites who insisted on putting God in a box called Judaism so they could interpret His Spirit into very specific doctrines and laws. They refused to recognize that without the Spirit they could never understand the law (2 Cor.3:6). They used “the truth” to exploit human souls for their own greed and notoriety (Mt.23). Sound familiar? A child of God finds his identity, not from pubic opinion, but in “the secret place of the Most High” (Ps.91:1).

10-As much as you don’t want to think of it, or you may not even believe it, Satan is leading you into the one place all men only say as a swear word; “Hell”. Isn’t it interesting that at a funeral you will NEVER hear a preacher talk about the deceased as even possibly going to hell? Yet Jesus says the majority are headed there! Your eternity is the most serious thing in all of life! If your reaction is “Oh I don’t want to hear all this stuff ” or “I already ‘accepted christ’” then Satan is well in control. You may think that man’s formula or mere knowledge of Christ is salvation. It is not! Christ is salvation!

11- The fact is YOU are the only one who can open your heart. I’m not preaching, or yelling, at you, about the devil and hell. I’m not a “Hell, fire and brimstone preacher”. I’m just a guy, like you, who never had a clue to what I’m sharing with you. I’m talking to you one-on-one with a gentle disposition and a heart of compassion. This is SO serious my friend! PLEASE! Don’t be presumptuous! Let’s reason together. Don’t just nod your head in agreement or disagreement. Where are you really at? Let God talk to you and you talk to Him, through all of this; Face to face; Heart to heart!

12-While preaching on the campus of the University of New Hampshire I noticed a phrase engraved in cement along the top of the library. It read “YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”. The proper references of John 8:32ff were not cited. It is also at the University of Texas and other public places. It is often used in public speeches. Surely, the secular world will never recognize the subject matter of sin as the context of this verse. It is quite interesting how an educational system that insists plagiarism is unethical has no problem taking full liberty to lift this phrase out of its’ intended context and use it exalt the nature of man.

13-This phrase is not from Greek philosophy. It is not implying that secular knowledge can raise a man from ignorance into enlightenment. Man has not evolved from the monkey stage into a more deified state. Evil is not an option or relegated to certain personalities. All men live in sin 24/7. We are not born with a ‘clean slate’. We have three strikes against from birth. We are declared “Out!” by a holy “Umpire”. Deception is not a thing that some fall into while others avoid it. All men are BORN “desperately sick” (Jer.17:9). This is why Jesus says we must be “born AGAIN” (Jn.3:3ff). There is no other option. Jesus died to our first birth and rose again to offer us the way out via a second birth. Jesus says “the one who abides in My Word (logos; i.e. revelation)” will receive the personal revelation of how God sees things; to become a son (Jn.8:31-36).


14-The majority of “Christians” claim they live by faith. In reality they live completely by emotion. They base their day to day lives on how “righteous” they feel about themselves. They determine the Presence of God by whether or not their circumstances bring them feelings of God’s favor. Thus the cornerstone of simple faith in the Presence of God is non-existent in their lives (remember Heb. 11:6?). They are building on sand (Mt.7:24).

15-Most religious people do not believe in God. This sounds crazy but it is no coincidence that it was the same in the days of Jesus on earth. The most religious people were the most given over to self-deification. They really had no need of God because their confidence was in their knowledge ABOUT God. In today’s Christianity everyone equates their knowledge of Christ with salvation. Paul says “Knowledge makes arrogant, but love edifies” (1 Cor.8:1). It is not what you know that proves your salvation but what you do without anyone knowing except God.

16- Today’s “Christians” depend completely on their senses for a relationship with God. Faith is based solely on a decision, despite how you may feel or sense things to be. Faith is not a passive recognition of doctrines. They CLAIM to believe in God but live by the same dictates of the world. What they feel and think determines what they believe rather than the opposite. If you believe Christ bore all your sin and you have ETERNAL LIFE then the depth of your existence is not dependent on your feelings, moods, circumstances or senses.

17-A true Christian does not base his day to day life on any present day feelings, circumstances or thoughts. Rather his entire life is drawn out of faith in the act of Christ on the cross two thousand years ago. He does not constantly waver over whether or not God really loves him, dependent on how something works out in his day. Rather he draws from the one-time finished work of Jesus. He is fully assured of God’s love because of that one event done in history so long ago.

18-Deception and distortions are the ebb and flow of everyday life. How many times have you heard one side of a story only to be shocked later by the truth of a situation? There are things you falsely think you already know. There are other things that you do know to some extent but don’t realize that you only know in a very small part. Over the years various things have hardened your heart and you don’t even realize the damage they have caused. No one is going to help you work through this. No one is going to force you to deal with them. Yet God is a great Healer. He knows exactly how to ordain specific things to bring you into truth and healing but you must establish fellowship with Him.

19- There are many things in life that we can not understand or explain. I watched my mother eaten away, day after day, by cancer, until she died. Why? I later realized how quickly her death forced me to mature and go into the world with the gospel. We judge all of life with our own puny little minds. We put ourselves at the center of our universe and everything is judged by our perspective. We never take into account self-deception! We rationalize and justify so many things for reasons we don’t even understand. It is faith and humility that lets God be God while we recognize our imperfect state. If you will walk circumspectly before God it will prevent so much unnecessary grief. God’s will is not a little different than your will. It is not a mere change of attitude. It affects every facet or your daily life. It will put you into an entirely different mode of life circumstances.

20-Pilate could have never imagined that the very Person Who stood in front of Him was the King of all kings! Jesus says “I AM THE TRUTH” (Jn.14:6). The word truth (althea) literally means “reality”. When one is born into the realm of the Holy Spirit one enters reality. Right now your world is not reality. It is an illusion. It is built on a lies. It is only God’s truth that can begin to “set you free”. The truth of God’s Word is not known by reading the Bible from cover to cover. There is a magnificent discovery of multitudes of secret and personal messages from God waiting for the one whose heart is set to know Him (2 Chronicles 16:9). These words are applicable to your every day situations.

21- Shakespeare in his play called Hamlet depicted man’s quest and agony over purpose. To live or to die…this is the question. So real! So heart-wrenching! We have ministered in many prisons with men in dire circumstances. We have worked with many absolutely devastated orphans. There are so many people dealing with mental and physical handicaps. The question of a motive to live is on the forefront of their thoughts each day. What is the hope and purpose of life when it is filled with nothing but sorrow? How does one face tragedy, drudgery and hopelessness? What is the truth of life? The truth is that there is a world beyond this world (Jn.18:36). To fix your hope on His world dwindles the burden this world puts on you.

22- WHERE is the “living Person Jesus” risen from the dead? How is one to “meet” Him in this modern day of over 20,000 “churches”? Do you go to a church or repeat a prayer written long ago by strangers? Must you take an airplane to Israel? Are we speaking of a natural encounter? Are you to bow your head, imagine Him to be near, and “accept Jesus into your heart”? After all, this is what “they” say you must do. Well what did Jesus say? Are not His Words able to pierce your heart and break your pride while drawing you into a realm beyond this world? Is His life so shallow and trite that it can be defined into a religion? Who really is Jesus? Jesus says – “You search the Scriptures and think that in them you have eternal life… but you are unwilling to come to Me” (Jn. 5:39-40).

Peter says -Always be ready to make A Defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you…” (1 Pt.3:15). Long ago, just after college, I drove across the country, by myself, from Michigan to Fuller Seminary in California. I stopped off in Pecos, New Mexico to visit a Benedictine monk. He was well known in charismatic circles. He invited anyone to his monastery to receive personal discernment. In fact, I had written to many men whom I respected to ask them to help me get a handle on establishing a true walk in Christ. This was part of my reasoning in attending the various seminaries from which I ultimately received a Master’s degree. I wanted to be a disciple of the truth regardless of what that meant to my ego.

In order to proclaim God’s purpose one must live it. In order to offer men real hope one must know it. |I wanted so much to be a disciple of some mature man of God. Then I, in turn, could help others. The problem was that even though “discipleship” is a common teaching there just wasn’t anybody who really cared. Although there were surely a number of individuals from whom I learned a great deal it became obvious to me that what I feared the most was exactly what God wanted; “Come to MELEARN from ME…” (Mt.11:25ff). This is exactly what Paul realized (Gal.2:1ff). To learn the voice and ways of an invisible God can not come from another man. They can only come from God. It came down to either Jesus would teach me or it’s all a sham.

Here I am today at the age of sixty, after some forty years of learning to believe and access the Presence of the living God. The truth is there are scores of car-salesmen-like fat-cat preachers who travel from one building or conference to another but have absolutely no reflection of a risen Christ in their character. They will never spend one day on a street corner just talking to people as Christ did. There are scores of weirdo’s, but it's hard to find someone truly sincere for Christ. 

I have preached on city streets and college campuses for over thirty years and never met one real person who just loves Jesus. This not arrogance or thinking I’m the only one. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone. I just never met them. There are “preachers” but no sons. There are “speakers” or “teachers” and “evangelists” who will never spend a penny to help a homeless guy or give him a pair of pants or a shirt. They just shove their doctrines down their throats. They all sound and act exactly the same; “Pentecostal” and plastic!

People who say I have an independent spirit are correct but it is not one of rebellion but of solitary faith. I have always welcomed rebuke and confrontation. In fact God chooses many ways and people to rebuke and teach me. It is not about a mode of teaching or discipleship but rather about my sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in each and every circumstance of life. For me God’s rebuke is a well-spring of life. It is the sign of His ownership (Heb.12:4). It is my only hope to know the truth despite my own wicked nature.

However, this world is bankrupt of people willing to be subject to Christ to become a leader. The “Christian leaders” today are nothing more than “reeds shaken by the wind” (Mt.11:7). They are car salesmen peddling using religious rhetoric for the sake of personal gain. They are sluggards rationalizing some nonsense about a lion in the streets (Pr.22:13/26:13). American Christianity is sickening. There is no truth to be found. They are like window mannequins with the same plastic smiles and self-righteous standing, completely void of Spirit life. Where is a broken man motivated, not by ego, but by the compassion and boldness of God’s Spirit?

For one who knows how wrong he can be correction is a wonderful thing. However I quickly realized that everyone does not share this attitude. In fact the majority, especially “Christians” despise correction or confrontation. They would rather live a lie then have to deal with the truth. To me this is bizarre. People would rather pretend to be Christians and go to hell then be told they are not so that they could then find the truth.

It has never my intention with anyone to “extinguish a smoldering wick” or “separate the sheep from the goats” (Mt.12:20, 25:32). I yearn to find someone of kindred spirit like Paul spoke of Timothy. Confrontation is not born out of self-righteousness but the depths of God’s mercy. Jesus says there is no greater love than to get beyond one’s self to love another. God says “better is open rebuke than love that is concealed” (Pr.27:4). Some have said “Oh so you think you are the only ones”. I have no idea. Others laugh at us and say “Oh so you know all the answers?” Yes. We do. The question is whether or not you really want God’s answers.

One of the obvious signs of the false church is the complete absence of persecution. Jesus and Paul said the rejection of the cross is the essential sign of being a true Christian (Mt.10:22-25/Mk.13:13/Jn.15:20, 17:14/2Tim.3:12). The word in Greek for martyr is “witness”. People have said that we have a “martyr complex”. As a consequence of witnessing Jesus to millions in this world, yes indeed, we have experienced complex persecution and suffering over the years.
Our lives and ministry could be quite well off today if we had chosen long ago not to speak the truth and learn “intelligent love”; i.e. love that is calculated and executed with precise deliberation as opposed to emotional self-righteousness. I could have used my degree and personality to be well-liked. I know how to tell jokes and make people like you. I could have a life free of worrying about money (just being honest). However I choose to follow Jesus and trust Him. I know what some people are going to say about our “radical” means but maybe someone will “hear” God’s voice. That’s all that matters to us.

I could easily have told all the many people I’ve known what they wanted to hear. They would have liked me, supported me and called me a great man of God. The consequences for me however would be nothing less than a tormented conscience and eternity in hell! I would tell all those people the same exact things today as I did long ago. I would do so however with a greater capacity of compassion, patience and wisdom. Nevertheless the Day of Judgment is rapidly approaching when God’s truth will pierce deep beneath all the rationalizations and accusation made by men in reaction to the truth of Christ. Heaven or hell is the bottom!

Like I said, I haven’t sat under some “Pastor” or “church” waiting to make myself perfect. I learned the old fashioned way of trial and error. It would have been easy many times to just use my failure or fears as an excuse to escape the great burden of going onto the streets and campuses. Instead I chose to learn from Christ as I journeyed on. At various times, while preaching on the streets, my words and ways were greatly distorted by reporters with their own agenda. Other times I’ve done a lot of stupid things over thirty years of traveling throughout this world. Some I said stupid things and acted like a jackass. I surely don’t claim to have arrived. I have continued to change and will do so all the way to the grave. It is called maturity.

We know there is much false information about us ‘out there’. Some have said that because we tell men to seek Jesus for salvation, rather than the conventional “church” system, that we are therefore against the church. This is absurd! How can we be against our own identity as the church of Christ? We are not more spiritual or righteous. We are just simply true Christians. The true church, as manifested in the Book of Acts, was not a huge system of 30,000 denominations. The true church is about quality of heart for Christ and obedience, not out of legalism, but out of love. We ask you not to let such lies keep you from getting to the truth of Jesus.

Don’t allow complete strangers to define our identity. Allow facts to do so. Over some forty years of preaching the gospel of Christ we have dealt with much persecution and downright strange people. For this reason I felt it necessary to give a defense on some of the various things said against us. I know it may seem like a too much. Maybe it is but people have no idea what we go through on the battle fields of campuses and cities. I write all this stuff because it gives people the other side of lies with sound reason and accurate information thus eliminating misinformation. I do this all really for the sake of those who are seeking the truth.

A STANDING INVITATION REMAINS; I am willing to come to where ever anyone lives to share, teach or debate. If anyone is interested we can also perform as we often do throughout the world. We are constantly traveling across this country so we may be in your neck of the woods. If your interest is sincere it can be as simple as just talking in a park or restaurant. It can be in your home or church, in the familiar comforts of your supporters. Or it can be in the nearest park surrounded by complete strangers in your home town. I will subject myself to anyone, in any place, at any time. We could let others you choose judge and discern the issues and who is of the Spirit or of the flesh. I am used to large crowds. No problem.

“Show thyself approved…” - Paul says - “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, dividing accurately the word of truth” (2 Tim.2:15).
When Paul was attacked, he resorted to a declaration of his qualifications, knowing he could be misunderstood for a bragging fool (2 Cor.11:16-33). So these following paragraphs are likewise “not as the Lord would speak” (ibid.). I sound like an idiot and would never talk like this in any other setting. After attending three separate seminaries I graduated with a Master’s of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena with a 3.7 grade point. Fuller Seminary is the largest in the world. Where exactly was it that Mr. or Mrs. Expert received training? Yet, I gave up all these worldly credentials to go to the streets with Christ. (“I speak as a fool”). I’m not stupid as some think. I could have easily become a “somebody” in the system. I chose to go tell the nobodies they could become somebody in Christ. I often stood on campus, holding a cross I made, and debated professors and fellow students at Fuller, as they came out of chapel with 1 Cor.1:18ff.

I ask the great “authorities” who condemn me to consider the following. First I’d like to ask them about their scholastic background in Biblical studies. Do they have an answer? I attended the largest seminary in the world… and you? They have no clue to the difference between the letter and the spirit of the law (2 Cor. 3:6). Do they know how the Scriptures were put together? Do they know that “the Law” includes some ten thousand laws and how all their “legal” requirements are fulfilled by faith in Christ? Can they Biblically articulate the matters of the blood atonement, the propitiation, the vicarious work, the ramifications of the High Priest, the necessary ransom and the difference between works and grace? Can they articulate to a common sinner the Abrahamic paradigm of being “reckoned” righteous in Romans 4? Maybe their “authority” derives from those grand Sunday sermons or Tuesday night Bible studies?

In the old days they hypocrites would throw stones at the disciples of Christ for exposing their hypocrisy. Today the stones consist of throwing around words like “cult”. It used to bum me out until I realized it had nothing to do with me but with the heart of those who hate me. Even the completely secular editors on Wikipedia rejected any notion of us being a cult (see public debate on Wikipedia article). A cult consists of a group of people under an anti-Christian teaching and following of a man. We maintain solid Biblical teaching based on a historical Christian foundation and have no followers. Quite impossible when you are constantly traveling and teach what I teach here about seeking only Jesus and NOT others! Some guy on the Internet said our children are our “followers”. Duh!

They are not only attacking Rachel and I, and our innocent children, but most importantly the very Spirit of Christ. Our identity is what most intelligent people understand to be A FAMILY! By the way, the character of one’s children is a direct reflection of the real condition of the parents. In reality a day does not go by when someone does not compliment my children as extremely articulate and respectful and admire and complement Rachel and I for the job we are doing.
To expose the real cults of today I studied under the established foremost expert on cults, Dr. Walter Martin who wrote Kingdom of the Cults. I am well schooled in the apologetic to counter the false translations of the Bible that flood the Christian bookstores today and also the false translations used by such groups as Jehovah Witnesses and Mormonism. I also know the history and apologetic for the cults like Islam or Buddhism that use “holy books”. Maybe they’d like to debate the difference between conservative, protestant or liberal theology?

Of course these “experts” have their own agenda against us. Let me ask some basic questions who must surely be highly qualified to be able to judge us so severely. Do these “experts” understand the origins of some of the basic modern day thinking? For example do you understand John Calvin’s reasoning on double-predestination? Predestination is the source of much confusion for some people. What about the basis for Martin Luther’s treatise on works vs grace? This is common argument and few people have a clue to where it all started.
How about the origins of the “accept Christ” formula from the 17th century where Charles Finney and John Wesley, and later Amy McPherson(4 Square) established such a formula to deal with “the mass conversions” they dealt with during their tent revivals? Do you know of the conversion of Saint Augustine and how his book The City of God became the basis for the Catholic Church? How about just straight-out Pauline theology? What exact passage does the evangelical church use to prove the divinity of Christ? How about the doctrine of sin with a reference to the law and the exegesis of Romans 7 or Galatians 3? How and why does the law establish the parameters of sin?
I love to exegete the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. What is their extent of language proficiency in the Scriptures? They accuse me of being anti-church. Well what is the Biblical revelation of the church (Gk. ‘ecclesia’ – i.e. ‘ones called out’- 2 Cor.6:6ff)? What is the truth of the historical church in contrast to the “body of Christ’ in the Book of Acts? Who are the “ecclesia” of God? I studied to become a priest and accurately know the positions of theological teachings of the Catholic and Protestant Churches. I understand the Biblical origins of Sacramentology, Ecclesiology, and Mariology etc.

Maybe these “experts” would like to consider the disposition of Rachel, my wife. With 75% divorce amongst marriage today the spirit of Jezebel brings destruction through witchcraft into all marriages (Rev. 2:20/1 Sam.15:23) If you are married is she a modern day ‘drama queen’ or career woman? Or does she happily cherish God’s Word on a woman’s identity in 1 Peter 3:1ff or in 1Timothy 2:9ff? What is the Biblical order commanded by the Scriptures? Or do you even dare talk to your wife about such a thing as contention and witchcraft (Ecc.7:26)? My wife is an astounding one-in-a-million submissive woman and precious servant. She is not an oppressed puppy but a beautiful, highly intelligent woman who could have easily had a career but rather stands boldly for Christ and reasons with her husband in a right disposition. She is not some overweight dominating behemoth given over to anxiety and laziness. 

Despite having six children Rachel is never consulted by any women we meet. In fact she is despised because her very disposition contradicts the modern day “Jezebel”. She has had home birth, raised and home schooled six children yet never once made it some focal point.

Oh ya, and by the way, how many times have these “experts” been on the streets of their home town talking with strangers about Christ one on one? How much street-smart do they have in dealing with the tormented souls on the streets of a New York or Paris? Or is their “authority” seen by how well they conjure up that twenty minute sermon for their pulpit on Sunday? They can hoot and howl on Sunday services to prove their “deep spirituality”. Do they really think common people on the streets care to hear about all those religious anecdotes?

How much do you DO for these “know-it-alls” care about the homeless of the city? Maybe these computer bullies could stop being mean guys and start being nice guys? Maybe they could quit being like the Pharisees and start really trying to be Christian. Life is too short to live as a “Grumpy”! Why choose such a dark path? I bet you’d make a good Santa. I know it’s so “worldly” but hey, maybe God is big enough to see beyond a fat man in a red suit to a broken heart inside the suit? Ever thought about just finding some hospital, old age home or orphans during Christmas? Unless of course you think Santa is probably a cult figure with all those little elves following him and weird bells and stuff.
Talk is cheap my dear experts. Anyone can talk about what is right and wrong or what you should or should not do but what is it that YOU DO?! If what we’re doing is wrong then go out and do what is right! It’s like an armchair quarterback in front of his TV, a hundred pounds overweight and chugging his sixth beer while he screams at Dan Marino for going about it the wrong way. Get on the field and play then you can demonstrate the right way. The ‘right way’ to go about IT: If I buy a suit and wear it on Sunday while “preaching up a sermon” for an hour and tickling people’s ears with a nice message full of jokes and anecdotes then this is the right way to go about IT.

The truth is that those who are of the truth see the truth of God in His servants and those who are not of the truth see only their own offense and agenda (Jn.18:37ff, 9:39). Paul says that what matters is that Jesus is being proclaimed, not in an artificial and safe environment for one hour on Sunday but to the whole world (Phil.1:18). It’s about preaching the truth of Christ while also doing the good works of helping the poor. It is not either or. Of course, no one can do it as good as the “experts”. The Pharisees wouldn’t even lift a finger to help others do what they said they were doing wrong (Mt.23:15). There is such immense need. I think God is able to teach anyone with a heart. We could use tons of help. We need great finances to travel and help others but all we get is criticism from people who do nothing. Will you have the courage to lift even a finger for anyone or are your fingers restricted to those keys on a computer?

How convenient to have a “computer ministry” or say “That’s not my calling…”! Well I never heard a voice from heaven telling me to go out. Jesus says in His Word “Go therefore…”. I simply made a decision out of faith and compassion. Jesus did not say “go into all the cyber-world” didn’t He? It is so easy comfortable to be a “Christian” while you just sit around your whole life in one city. We’ve been to every state, city and major college many times over and over thirty countries. Gee, do you think it was our “cult” spirit that has wonderfully provided, protected and did supernatural things for a family of eight people facing insurmountable odds to proclaim Jesus?
“I speak not as the Lord would…” (2 Cor.11:17).

THE ESSENTIAL CREDENTIAL - We have preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in all fifty states, major cities, college campuses and social events many times over. Persecution is part of standing for Christ (Jn.15: 19/2 Tim.3:12). We do not seek it out but we endure it because we love Him. We expend all our money for the spreading the gospel and caring for the poor. However, it is not the scholastic skill, extensive travels or persecution that means anything.

Rather my essential credential is that I met the living Jesus while attending a Catholic Charismatic conference at the University of Notre Dame in l974. I was "born from above" (Jn.3:3-8). I know Him! He forgives my sin and rescues me from the pit of mud. Despite all this foolish-sounding boasting I realize I am nothing. I draw everything, every day, from the Spirit, for my understanding, knowledge and love with which I stand in this world. I am an old man now and do not have much longer on this earth but what time is left in my blood I spend "fighting the good fight" (1 Tim.6:12). I become all things to all men so that I might win just one for eternal life (1 Cor.9:22). May God open up your heart to the truth!

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