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This blog is for those who have a previous knowledge of our family and past events.
There are so many voices in this world saying so many things. How is one to know the truth?
Jesus says "My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me" (Jn.10:27). As you read this blog consider, not the issues at hand, but rather your ultimate goal in life. Although there is much information here concerning the life of one man and his family, my desire is to expose the lies with the truth. I hope that anyone who might be a seeker of truth will consider what I write with an objective attitude. If this is accomplished, then the reader will find himself closer to hearing the voice of the Shepherd. Jesus repeatedly warns how men will speak "all manner of evil" against someone who bears His Name (Mt.5:11 Mat.10:22). So the lies about my family come as no surprise. However Paul says "always be ready to make a defense ... for your hope" (1Pt.3:15). Truth is not subject to the opinions of others but rather verified by the facts and source of any issue.
I am writing on behalf of my family and especially my father, Michael Peter Woroniecki. My family and I have obeyed the command of Jesus to "Go into all the world..." to proclaim His gospel (Mk.16:15). Whether it involves various forms of danger as here, south of the border, or terrible rejection and persecution everywhere, we have paid a very high price to stand for Jesus and rejoice, not in our sufferings, but in the joy of actually knowing Christ. We preach the simple Gospel revealed in the New Testament. We share the gospel in its entirety not shying away from preaching about hell, judgment, deception and the consequences of sin. It is called “the full counsel of God” (Acts 20:27).
A man stands in a building on Sunday and talks about Jesus. No one thinks it strange (even though Jesus never did this.) Yet if some sincere individual stands on a street corner for Jesus, as He did, people instantly lump such a one with all the extremists and religious fanatics (Matt.4:17, Jn.15:18). For this, and many other reasons, we do not consider ourselves as “street preachers”. Rather, we are sons and daughters of the living God (Jn.8:34/2 Cor. 6:12). Rejection is not the exception but the norm. Yet we are called to stand with unfailing love regardless of what men say. We are called to character and obedience in the living Jesus. In this spirit, my father has asked me to express to anyone who reads this blog the sincerity of our hearts in the love of Christ. Before anything else, to say to anyone of you who may have been hurt in some way by us, that we are sincerely sorry to you. It has never been our intention to bull anyone over with our zeal. Yet we know we are wicked sinners just like anyone and so this has happened. Whereas some people are able to get beyond it and see our true motives, others are not. We strive to be more loving and we ask if you could do the same. The message of Christ requires a humble character willing to learn and grow. Paul says “I am the chief of all sinners…” and “our inner man is renewed day by day…” and “forgetting what lies behind I press on…not that I have already become perfect” (2 Cor.4: 16/Phil.3:13/1 Tim.1:15). Life is not fixed by the stars. Repentance is a life of change. Maturity does not happen at conversion. Holiness can take a lifetime. We glorify the living God for the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Who overcame this wicked nature of ours on the cross! As hard as it may seem right now, our relationship with you can change. Things don’t have to be at odds. We humble ourselves and ask you to give us a second chance to talk with you about things. Contrary to what has been written we surely do not think of ourselves as some “holier than thou” family.
To you who have made an all out effort to harm us and attack our ministry, my father and each one of us say we forgive you. Why consume yourself with the life of another man? Why not focus on the One who born the sin of all men and offers eternal life? If causing us suffering has been your goal, you can know that you have been a success. We have had heart-wrenching sorrow and many filthy and terrible things done to us by college students all traced back to your lies against us. Jesus says “…Father forgive them they know not what they do” ( Lk.23:34). Forgiveness is not for a few or even for many. It is for all men for all time, all the time. It is for you and it is for each of us and it is a marvelous thing. My father says you are trying to bear an unbearable burden that only Jesus can bear. You need God’s grace, love and perspective. You must not allow bitterness to consume your time. Life is too short. You must not allow the things that ruined your past to ruin your future. This is not about us. This is about finding out Who is the Person of Jesus. Faith is the power to transform every life. Beyond your feelings you must see that you are not coming against us. Jesus says “What ever you do to the least of my brethren you do unto ME” (Mt.25:40). You can hurt us but you can never stop the operation of God’s Spirit in and through us (Rm.8:30). Life is a very fragile and fleeting commodity (Is.40:6). Nothing is too difficult for God(Jer.32:27). Give Jesus another chance to love you.
This is not a ploy or an act to appear a certain way or to get you to do or not do something. This is what we really feel. Regardless of how anyone may or may not respond, you can know that this response is sincere before God. We are not trying to prove ourselves to any man. Rather we prove ourselves to God (2 Cor.5:11). We continue to preach the full gospel in this ungodly culture using our signs, cross but most of all our love for the Lion Who is about to descend with the sound of an angels trumpet (1Thess.4:16-18, Rev.5:5)! We are constantly seeking to mature our ways to be more like Him (Phil.2:5 1Jn.3:2). God says "go and learn... I desire compassion" and "mercy triumphs over judgment" (Mt.12:7/Jm.2:13,1:20). To be humble and willing to learn is everything. Please allow us the same grace to change that is offered to all men. There is no time to hold on to one’s failures or past, only to do things in light of eternity! Surely we will fail again but we will see it and repent and continue to learn. As much as we may seem at odds right now with any one of you “out there” in cyber space, we could actually have peace replace contention. My words are not empty but full of His promise. Life is just too darn cruel to allow it to be consumed with anger, misunderstanding and pride, especially because God offers all of us not only a second chance but chances “70 x 7” (Mt.18:22).
For the sake of the general public I feel it may be necessary to cover the following issues:
Jesus says that men will hate those who stand in His Spirit (Matt. 10:22, Jn.15:19). Of course there is a difference between being personally obnoxious and bearing suffering due to a pure witness of Jesus. We continue to learn the difference. Our goal of course is to be in Him. My dad had a tough time starting out in Grand Rapids. He was fresh out of seminary and newly married. All the publicity and overwhelming pressures exposed his own immaturity but also drove him to the cross to lose his life (Jn.12:24).
We are not 'fundamentalists' or 'extremists' or some kind of weird cult. We have no strange doctrine. In fact my father spent great effort in attaining a Master's Degree in Theology from the most reputable seminary in the country so that our foundation would be Biblically solid. His doctrine concerning salvation by grace, forgiveness through faith, the sufficiency of the blood atonement and the inerrancy of the Scriptures are verifiable in the hundreds of pamphlets, booklets and teaching CD’s that he has produced. He is open to dialogue or debate concerning all matters of the Scriptures.
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  • My parents raised my siblings and I in the love, great laughter, joy and hope of Jesus, as well as teaching all the practical things of life. Even in writing this blog, my father has taught me the skills to articulate these matters as he does. We have no official group or organization. We are a simple family. At times, someone has said they feel sorry for us kids because of their bad feelings for my parents. First of all, they have never truly met my parents, so they have no idea all the fun and adventure we have doing things that kids in general only dream about. Like climbing the Swiss Alps or the 14’ers in Colorado. We often are camping, having fires and playing games. We go to places all over the world. We love to water and snow ski and ride horses in forests like in Poland and Hungary. How about zip lines in Costa Rica given to us freely by an owner who was open to Jesus, that we met in a border crossing in Nicaragua? My five brothers and sisters and I are registered Second Degree Black Belt Instructors in the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do has helped teach us physical discipline and training as well as the focus and precision it requires to master 13 technical forms and many other aspects of the art. We are also Capoeiristas. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that uses African combat moves as a dance including chants, songs, bongo rhythms, technique and acrobats. We also use these martial arts in our presentations (see “NOW:” near the bottom of the blog). I could go on and on about all the other ways God has brought fun and adventure into our lives.

  • People think we are religious zombies because they do not see the blessing in our passion for an unseen God. They refuse to spend an ounce of energy to contact us personally. No one has ever talked to anyone of the six of us in all this hullabaloo over various issues. It's like they are afraid of hearing what we have to say because they want to paint us as "the poor little children". Students still yell at my parents like we are little babies and that we should be in school! Oh really…well like, we are all over the age of 18! One guy asked why my sister wasn’t in school until he saw her and found out first hand that she was 29 years old! People see video of my father, mother and each of us from some twenty years ago and think we have never changed. Is there anyone who doesn’t change over twenty years?
  • One time at University of Iowa a student said that my dad was dangerous because he knew he fought with police officers. When we hear ridiculous things like this we can only state the truth. My dad has never fought with any cops either in the states or in any country. Neither before or after he was saved. That would be a felony recorded in any police station and my dad would be in prison. There may be an unknown parking ticket somewhere that we didn’t pay but it is not deliberate. As you could imagine we deal with many, many parking lots. Neither does my dad have three wives or for that matter wear a raccoon hat and howl at the moon at night. It really gets absurd. You could very easily email me to ask about any issues in question. I am not going to lie to you.
  • Facts are not established by someone’s opinion either in a book or in a paper. People can also easily twist anything that is said. This happens all the time. Some times a reporter will take a Scripture we quote and use it to make us sound like we are surely from some bizarre cult. Yes, we believe everything written in the bible not because we are supposed to but because we have personally experienced the breath of the living God come out of this book (Heb.4:12 2Tim.3:16). My parents spent years teaching us and loving us with the truth and wisdom of Christ. They were serious but also when necessary, hilarious. If one has a problem with the message we preach or the way we preach and they are serious about Christ, all one has to do is ask us. That’s why we are here! God will bear witness to His truth. I can assure you that a thorough study of the New Testament brings forth the answer to any question. We are open to correction and the discipline of the Lord. The FACT is, people have absolutely NO IDEA of who we are. No one. People claim to "have known us" just because they may have had a passing acquaintance. I've lived here all my life and know everyone who has come through our front door.
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  • We see our mistakes and lack of love and pray for God's grace to learn and grow. We are not perfect but neither will we just sit around and wait for perfection. I have seen my dad’s humility change his attitude in mid-sentence when he is convicted and realizes he is wrong because he misunderstood someone or something. We believe that these are the last days. More so that everyone's time on earth is short. Therefore we implore bold measures to effectively reach and impact as many as we can. We present our message on a “take it or leave it” basis believing that those who have ears to hear will hear (Read Mark 4:9). This is not about our ministry but the eternity of millions and the truth of Jesus Christ.
Our Message:
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One main reason we are misunderstood is because people simply do not “listen”. They just assume us to be crazy because we do not use conventional ways to express our faith in Christ. We carry large signs and use our voices, not to “yell at people” but to PREACH the gospel ( Mk.16:15, 1Tim.4:2, Rom.10:14, Matt.4:17, 1Cor.1:17). Preaching involves a volume beyond a normal conversation tone. This does not mean a louder tone is automatically hostile. Surely there have been times when any one of us can get out of the Spirit and allow anger or a wrong attitude. However our goal is to have the tone that arises from a broken and contrite heart (Ps.51:17). People think that because our mode of ministry is high visibility we must be very religious (i.e. legalistic). Nothing could be further from the truth.
We are do not tell others that salvation in Christ is to live a certain way or do certain things. This is the law! We do not preach “Thou shalt…” or “Thou shalt not”. We do not tell people that they must try to be a good Christian. Of course we identify and preach against sin. We preach the righteousness of the law but only to expose sin so that one will lose confidence in oneself and come to Christ in faith(Rm.3-5). Freedom from sin does not come about from striving to stop it or by trying to be “good” ( Read Rm.3:10). It comes by faith in Christ.
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My dad grew up with this thinking before he was saved. He was blown away to read that passage in Romans 3. No place in the hundreds of pamphlets or CDs or anything that we distribute preaches salvation by works. We preach salvation in the living Jesus through grace by faith alone (Eph.2:8)! My dad met Jesus in the University of Notre Dame football stadium as a result of God reaching down and giving him the gift of revelation (Mt.11:25 Rom.6:23).
I would tell you to get alone somewhere and begin to contemplate your life. Why? As individuals it is so very easy for us to be influenced or, at the very least, distracted by those around us. There is nothing more important than your salvation. One day you will stand alone before God (Matt.12:36, Matt.16:26-27). So why not get alone now? Begin to read the New Testament (New American Standard Bible and King James are the most accurate to the literal Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, New International Version is a good third). The whole bible is accurate and important but you will get to that later. First, start with your salvation. Read the Gospel of John and study the life of this man named Jesus. Who really is He?
As you read and contemplate these things, begin to talk TO Jesus. Not AT Him. This is the beginning of faith and finding HEART. Jesus is not a systematic religion on Sunday or a bunch of laws you must follow. To live in Jesus is absolutely marvelous! He can hear you. He will answer you. God does not need others to interpret His word. Through His Holy Spirit He can personally speak to and deal with you (please read John 14:27 and 1John 2:27). We have all been born with the Nature of Adam's sin (Rom.3:10, 5:17). We are guilty of our sin before God. The consequence of sin is death and ultimately hell (Luke 12:5, Mark 9:43, Rev.21:8 Rom.6:23). Jesus came to earth, died and bore all sin, once and for all. He then rose from the dead and is alive today (Jn.20, 1Cor.15:3-4). Through the work Jesus did on the cross He conquered sin and death (Heb.2:14 ff). He offers absolute and complete forgiveness for all your sin, past, present and future (Heb.9:12). To know this forgiveness He says you must repent and be "Born form Above", "Born again" (John Chapter 3 Mk.1:15). This is not reiterating a previously thought up prayer formula but believing in and giving your life to a person named Jesus, not a system of men ( Col.2:8, Jn.12:24-25, Mk.8:34ff). As a result of your faith God will credit you eternal life (Romans 4). Once you are filled with a love from and for Jesus you will want to demonstrate this love in whatever way that you can (2Cor.5:15, Gal.2:20 Mk.16:15).
We are not against any church or religion or those who attend or practice such. We are against hypocrisy and deception (Have you ever read Matt.23? Matt.14:14 2Tim.3:5ff, 2Jn.1:7). Looking to men of a church or religion for your salvation is like building your house on sand (Mat.7:24ff). My dad was in the catholic church when he met Jesus. He stayed in it for quite a while. In fact he fought to prove its many doctrines right until he grew deeper into the Word of God. No one has to leave their church to find Jesus but you do have to be willing to leave yourself (Matt.16:24). There is no substitute for personal relationship with, and accountability to, God. You have to be willing to engage your heart (Matt.7:7). No one can change your mind. If you are reading all of this with an attitude against us, you will never see the truth and you are the only one who loses.
For more on what we preach, please see the many pamphlets that my father has written. He has taken a great deal of time to write and articulate these things in practical and creative terms.
  1. What about you?
  2. "Slammed"
  3. Fact or Fiction
  4. How to win the Crazy War
  5. Explosion

Something tragic that I have watched happen over the past ten or so years, is the absolute disregard for the authority of the Bible. I remember back when I was younger, there was place for a logical discussion based on the Word of God. But slowly, over the years, it has been replaced with the general public opinion or last week’s sermon. People will look to the Christian traditions of their local congregation rather than individual accountability to their own knowledge of God’s Word (Mk.7:6). For this reason I have spent the effort to reference everything we preach to God’s Word. It would be worth your time to look up anything that you may not understand or agree with.
People causally say “it’s in there some where” when referencing something they say is in the Bible concerning the basis of their salvation. It is truly hard to believe this could happen. But it has! It is because of this that many people misunderstand or oppose our message. They simple do not know what is written in the Bible. They base their arguments simply on what the status quo about God. Often being convinced of something that God clearly states is wrong.
Let me show you:
  • People say God owns this world. God says it belongs to Satan. Read: Jn.16:11,14:30,18:36 Lk.4:6 Jms.4:4, 1Jn.5:19, 2 Cor.5:10.
  • People say that man is basically good. God says that man is wicked and corrupted by sin. Read: Rom.3:10, Ecc.9:3, Jer17:9, Gen.6:5-6, Ps.14
  • People say that Gods wants everyone to better themselves. God says that one must give up himself and become completely new. Read: Mk.8:34, Matt.16:24, Jn.3:3, 2Cor.5:17, Col.3:9-10, Rom.6:6.
  • People say that a Christian should never warn of hell. Jesus talked and warned about hell constantly. Read: Lk.12:5, Mk9:43, Matt. 5:22, 8:12, 10:28, 13:42, 18:9, 22:13, 24:51, 25:30, 25:46 as well as Rev.20:15, 21:8.
These are just a few. There are so many. For this reason, if you are serious about seeking God, you must take the time to study HIS word. The bible is like no other book because it’s words are alive and can relate to you personally, right now, where ever you are in life (Heb.4:12, 2Tim3:16 Jm.1:21). It is easy to write it all off with a generic statement like “it can’t be accurate because it was written by men”. This is nothing but lazy. How long have you studied it? Not only it authenticity (which can be verified by secular scholars) but it’s content? There is something inside of you called a conscience that bares witness to the truth in this book. Besides, if Jesus is alive He can reveal Himself and the answers of all such questions to you personally if you seek Him diligently (Read Hebrews 11:6).
  • Some people, out of personal offense taken from our message, have concluded that we think we are the only ones who are saved. This is a lie. We have never said or implied this in any way. It would be outrageous to think that we would spend all our own money, time and effort to share the gospel to as many people as possible without real hope of someone coming to know Jesus. The goal of our lives is to touch as many as we can around the world with the love and truth of Jesus. We are not anti-church. We are part of the true church all over the world who are born from above. People say that we say one thing here but have said something else somewhere else. And where might that be? Maybe when we are sleeping in the middle of the night we preach to the shadows something different? Our pamphlets confirm what we preach. Why would we spend all the energy and money to pass out hundreds of thousands of our pamphlets if we didn't believe what we write? That is just nuts. We do not encourage people to begin to follow us but in fact we tell them to seek out Jesus for themselves so that the foundation of their salvation is not dependent on someone's words but rather on their own relationship with the Living Jesus. We travel all the time so we have no place for anyone to come and follow us. Unless they want to sleep on the top of our trailer or something. We have no idea how many people are saved, but we surely believe and hope that we are not the only ones.
  • We do not preach that you must abandon all forms of social life or a job or education in order to follow Jesus. God will meet you right where you are at, whatever you are doing. It is easy to understand that obsession with a career and ‘me’ centered life, whatever it might consist of, is not what it means to follow this rejected Messiah (Is.53). Concerning this matter take the time to read Matt.6:24-27 and John6:29ff. We don’t tell people that you can’t work a job but rather that God will take care of all things for you if you choose to follow Him. This is His promise.
  • One day I was downtown in a major Latin city just watching all the people pass by as I shared. Young, old, rich, poor it didn’t matter. The man in the business suit entering the glass sky scraper along with the nearly homeless woman trying to sell sausages for 0.50 cents were so intent on just getting this thing called money. It seems like such nonsense, as in any city, how people just blindly go along with the ‘rat race’. Really it is so sad (Mk.6:34). Thinking about this I did a short skit on the street corner to exaggerate the point. Maybe someone would stop and think a little deeper. After returning here to the States, I had some time, and made the idea into a short film (below). It is by no means professional. It was my first project like it. My dad wrote the music for it and my brothers helped me filmed it. David is the star (not really a star in the end, though). It’s kind of bleak, but then again so is a life full nothing but ‘running’ for the almighty dollar (Read Mark 8:36). I hope to make others once I get some more time.

  • My father has never obligated me or any of my siblings to follow this way of teaching. And honestly, he would he wouldn’t be able to stop me if he tried. As adults, we can do whatever we wish with our lives. God's promise is that if you train your children in the ways of the Lord when they are older they will not depart from it (Prov.22:6). No one criticizes famous athletes or actors for teaching their children the trade they have mastered. People would never question them. If any of the people who slam my dad would talk to him with a sincere and seeking heart, they would be blown away by the heart of this man. He is in no way religious. However, my salvation is not based on my father but on my personal faith and relationship with Jesus. He is my dad but also my brother and my friend. I tell him when I think he is wrong and he quickly accepts it. I personally know and love Jesus. I have a life of enormous privilege. I have a purpose far greater than any career, marriage or any other pursuit of happiness. My family shares a joy, unity and laughter that constantly makes others comment to us about the marvelous things they see in our family. It is a beautiful thing to not have to look to my friends to fill a void inside of me but rather to offer to them of the treasures I have found in Jesus.
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  • Our lives are not hidden. On the contrary we try to be in the busiest places possible (i.e. the South end of Manhattan at rush hour). The reason we have spelled our name differently at different times is quite obvious if you think about it. Most authors use a pen name or an alias for privacy reasons. When we first started out, we realized people were trying to do bad things to us. So we did alter our spelling. Then my dad wrote tracts that were so long we had barely space for an address so he just shortened our long last name. Also in college guys used to call my dad “War” so he for a time liked using this as his pen name; short and significant. If you had a bunch of questionable strangers stalking you, would you just openly put your name out there? By now our lives are an open book. People can meet us or talk to us at anytime. We are on all the major campuses and cities. Because of this we are constantly subject to the opinion of the public. We have nothing to hide. I would hope that you could realize inaccuracy of hearsay and the sensationalism of the media. If you have any doubts about who we are or what we do, you can easily verify anything by meeting us, reading our literature or listening to our music or as I have mentioned, you can email me at any time. We constantly deal with huge crowds.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic I have lived with my father all the twenty-one years of my life. Michael Woroniecki is a man of God. He loves and serves Jesus Christ and is filled with His Spirit. I know you will say “Of course you are going to say this, what else would you say”. Well, in reality there are plenty of things I could say if this were not the truth. Plenty of kids who are in a family they do not like, say so. I’m not a robot and I am not stupid. But my dad is not concerned with me defending him. Rather his life is crucified with Christ (Gal.2:20).
Whether you believe this or not, it was not his idea but mine to write all this. There some people who have gone to great lengths to defile my father and our family. We asked forgiveness and mercy but don’t know if they can “hear” us. I do this for souls that would be influenced by this spiritual warfare. For we are not at war with people but with real powers of darkness (2Cor10:3-5 Eph.6:10-18). This is no joke. This is horrifying. Especially when considering the horrendous consequences by Andrea Yates. What she did because of the drugs, and other reasons only God knows, was beyond tragic. For the media to accuse my father and our family of somehow having any influence, is also tragic. It is not necessary, nor worth the time and effort, to state and counter all things people have made up or twisted to vent their own hatred. I will simply state the truth.
It is necessary to realize that Michael Woroniecki has been preaching the gospel for over 35 years on five continents, fifty countries, hundreds of Universities, thousands of cities and huge events (such as the Superbowls and Rose Bowl Parades, Olympic games, FIFA World Cup Games, etc). During this time he has come into contact with millions and millions of people.
One of those people happened to be Russell Yates. At the time he was a student at Auburn University (one of the many universities that we visit). Rusty approached my father from his own intrigue into his message. There was another preacher on campus at the time who was ranting and raving about hell fire and Rusty shared with my dad how he felt the difference was so clear. He could see my fathers sincerity. The message that Woroniecki preached to Yates, more than twenty years ago, was the same message he continued to share with them during mail correspondence and the same message we share to hundreds of thousand of people constantly today. The Gospel does not change.
It was up to Rusty to write because Michael was on to another school several hours later. My father is honest and transparent. He shares from his experience about Jesus and the things of the Kingdom of God. He was not a counselor or minister or pastor to the Yates family or anyone else. He was some one they chose to write and correspond with. The fact is, despite the widespread speculation and rumors, only the Woroniecki family and the Yates family know what kind of relationship they had, the conversations and events that took place and the context of everything that was written in the letters. I know we can all be effected by the opinions of others but I think we can all agree that not everything, in fact, a very small portion of things written or said (especially on the internet) are facts. Yet people constantly believe them as though they were.
  • Let me tell you my father does not have, and has never had, 'followers'. On the contrary he has told the very same people who accuse him now, who had previously actually asked him if they could follow and travel with us, that they could not follow him. Jesus says “Follow Me…” (Mt.4:19). If people correspond with my father or mother it is from their personal desires to find out more about what they believe. They have never mentored or spent great lengths of time with anyone. This can be verified by the way they have travelled for the past 35 years. Oh that’s right, we do have some followers. But they range in age from about four to twelve years old and they follow us around after our performance looking for balloons, candy and any love we can give them.
  • My mom and dad had only met with Rusty and Andrea four or five times over the course of the 20 years my dad knew Rusty. Think about that for a minute. My parents strongly discouraged them from trying to emulate our family without first each personally building their own relationship with Jesus. The only ministry my father had toward them was to try to help them to come to know Jesus. At any point they could have stopped correspondence and heard no more.
  • My parents did warn the Yates, like they warn everyone, about the coming day of judgment and the reality of hell. However, as Rusty would confirm, these were never ongoing conversations. My dad never considered Andrea to be a contentious woman but rather was obviously quite docile and passive. She sent us “care packages” while we were on the road. Also Andrea Yates, like most every American born citizen, was well aware of all of these things like hell, judgment day and repentance from sin long before she ever had contact with Michael. These are well known truths of the Bible and Rusty shared with her long before we did. When we met with them it was only for a couple of hours (except for the one week in Florida) and it was either at a restaurant or a park so the setting was quite light and casual. Rusty would confirm any of this. The focus of my dad’s ministry toward them was always Jesus and the life that He could offer their family. My parents demonstrated their love toward us, their six children. They told the Yates to love their children in the same way. I remember playing games and having a picnic with them one of the few times we visited with them. My mom and dad gave them a free week vacation they had won in hopes they could have time to repair their marriage.
  • The only influence Michael Woroniecki had on Andrea Yates was one of life and truth and hope. It is clear she had mental problems as well as being effected by the use or sudden drop off of highly potent psychotic medication. Russell never shared anything in depth with my parents about Andrea’s mental state. It may have been from embarrassment or from pride we don't know.
If my father was in any way, shape or form related to the case he would have been called to the trial. At the very least he would have been contacted by some official on behalf of the court. If the media was able to easily reach him, then so could have the Texas Justice System. Neither the prosecution nor defense ever made any attempt to even write to the address on the back of all our tracts. Why? Because they knew there were absolutely no grounds for any accusation whatsoever. Yet they did not hesitate to throw his name around as a scapegoat knowing that he was not there to defend himself.
So the TRUTH is; we were never apart of the Andrea Yates case! We were only accused in the case.
The absurd statements made about my mom's article in The Perilous Times (our family newsletter) were mind blowing. They said she drew a picture which was a subliminal message that bad children are the offspring of a bad mother. This is so ridiculous because we had nothing to do with that picture. My mom copied it out of the Christian Mother Goose book she bought for us at a Christian book store. Yet here's this "professional" psychiatrist using this picture as “evidence” of our mindset. The fact that my mom and dad were never any where near the courtroom proves that everything concerning them was media speculation and sensationalism fueled by those who reject the gospel and others who hate the Woroniecki's for personal reasons.
My dad never took any legal action in regards to the defamation of character, libel, slander and false light against him and us as a family. The authors who wrote books about the case never obtained the release form that people need to write such information. Yet, these books are used as a primary authority in regards to the case. But my dad has said nothing. He tells us to forgive them. “…Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you…” (Matthew 5:44).

Michael's message, whether on the streets, campuses, or using our performance venue, is overwhelming with hope, love and purpose for all men in Jesus. This can be validated by standing in one of the crowds of the thousands to whom we minister.
Surely anyone can understand that in ministering to literally millions of people throughout a year it would not be possible for us to predict or control who comes in contact with the gospel and what they go on to do in life. My dad says there is nothing he would do differently in regards to his outreach to the Yates. Of course he wishes he could have helped her more. We pray for nothing but mercy on Andrea and Rusty as well. Surely neither of them ever wanted things to go the way they did.

I asked my dad some more specific questions about his contact with the Yates. You can see the page here for the Questions and Answers.

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We have a strong desire to and, if God would allow us, we will try to reach every country we can. What Jesus offers is too real and too good to allow anything to hinder us. He offers the purpose everyone is looking for and the joy that so many crave.
As we minister in these countries we use the music my father writes along with dances, skits, works of theater, humor, giant animal costumes, puppets, magic, games for children and many other things to touch people as deeply as we can. It is such fulfillment to bring joy to a people who have such heart ache and sorrow. I have written numerous dances and skits along with using my pirate puppet to try to convey the love of Jesus.
This is some of the music my dad has written for our dances. the ancient
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  • We have received hundreds and hundreds of emails from people who are moved by our presentation. They write about the love and hope they receive while standing in one of our crowds. I am not boasting but simply declaring a reality. More than anything people are impacted by the power of the love and unity of our family, our personal engagement and the message of the living Jesus. At a later date I will joyfully make those emails available.
  • We all speak fluent Spanish so we functioned well in such countries as Mexico, Spain and South America. My brother and I also speak some Portuguese. We perform on many venues, street corners, plazas, parks, stages, private events, both religious and secular and many small 'pueblos' and towns. We have also, by request, worked with and performed for dozens of non-profit organizations.
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On one excursion five hours into a jungle to reach a remote town, we had some pretty incredible adventures. The road was long, seemingly endless, and barely traversable. Finally arriving in this small town we realized we had only a short time before the sun would set and we would have to get back over the surrounding mountains before night fall. We got right to business and began to play our music. Instantly we were able to capture the attention of the few hundred inhabitants. Let me tell you that it can be quite scary when everyone is looking at you, waiting for you to do something really great. Yikes! But God’s grace is sufficient and His Spirit is awesome. Quickly we realized this was not about us or our performance but about the people, mainly the children in this special place. It didn’t take much to show them the life that Jesus has given us. We did a choreographed dance called “Equation” (long story) and were able to get people excited and interested (It is a high tempo dance song my dad wrote a couple years ago). It was really cool to think that they have never seen anything like this (no MTV here). We did many things that day but mostly I remember how hard the children laughed when I was doing with this skit I do with David. He acts like a mean dog that stole my ball while I act like a clown and try to get it back. Crazy, I know, but worth every bit of embarrassment to see their faces crack up with laughter.
We later realized that these children hardly have a reason to laugh. Many of them are orphans and have suffered enormously.
After we finished in about two hours we were able to mingle and talk to the families there. We could not believe the suffering, tragedy and hurt they have been through. As we played games and made crafts we were able to interact with the kids one on one. It was one of the most incredible days of my life. I was in charge of about ten to fifteen children of all ages, each one of them so precious. We laughed so hard trying to glue all these tiny little craft pieces together. I didn’t want this day to end.
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Later I was able to interact with some of the grandparents. I couldn’t believe these seventy and eighty year old men and women had walked mountain/jungle trails for over an hour to be there and watch us that day. They were probably the most beautiful people you could ever meet. The stories they had to tell outnumbered even the lines in their faces. So simple but so deep. I was taken back by their interest in this funny looking pirate puppet that my sister bought me for my birthday. I use it when I can to break the ice and try to make people laugh. This really old guy comes up and just wants shake it’s, or should I say, his hand. Believe it or not I carried on a long and somewhat meaty conversation with these people using this puppet. Their simplicity was so precious. Finally I, or the puppet, shook their hands and exchanged strong hugs and bid farewell. I stood marveling.
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You just don’t realize what these people have been through. It is easy to see the ads on TV and hear of the suffering of others from afar, but it is a whole different thing when you are there, face to face with a kid who lost his dad to a gun fight a few days earlier or another kid who has a deformed hand from a machete accident a few years back. I am so grateful for the treasures that God has given me to share with them. Surely the Kingdom is for children, the broken in spirit and contrite of heart (Matt.18:1, Matt. 5:1-9, Luke4:18, Ps.51:17). The day ended with many hard goodbyes and even some tears from our little friends and their parents. We left behind the things we could, some necessities like food and clothes, some trinkets, and hopefully far more, yet somehow I think we got the better end of the deal. We took with us things that will last for eternity. I spent the long dark drive back over the mountains listening to music, thinking about how grand this God must be to care so much about us small people and our small lives. The stories are endless and I could write for hours about just this one day amongst many. I wish I could somehow take you there and let you be apart of it. It would change you forever. Perspective is such a powerful thing. It really makes you a different person.
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We combine what we have learned from our martial arts with many other forms of dance that we have picked up to offer creative and captivating presentations. At times, we have also taught the values and discipline of Tae Kwon Do and the fun and music of Capoeira to children that we work with (we leave out the ‘Chuck Norris, knock’em out cold’ stuff though).
We have a major focus on helping children in what ever way that we can. We also have a priority in taking care of the homeless . I remember growing up, my parents always made an effort to help the poor and disabled in giving them food, clothes and necessities. They started way back in Grand Rapids. They have taught us it is in giving that we receive.

The privilege I feel in being a part of this family is beyond words. Our life is exciting. Yes, there is the suffering and danger but what we get to see through Christ is beyond it all. Many blessings. Many laughs. I think if anyone shared in our journey, they would be blown away! The lives that we have been able to touch with the love of Jesus far out weigh any rejection we may deal with. The reward is unimaginable. If you will just start with something little, it will lead to bigger and more rewarding things. We are not supported by any type of group or organization. We never, ever, ask for money but rather give everything freely. We have all worked very hard at various jobs to be able to do what we do.
These are the facts. If you choose to believe them or not, it is up to you.
If you are sincere you can write us at any time through my email address. Please my friends, I do not wish to argue. I simply make it available so that one could talk to us personally. I know that there are many who disagree with us. I understand and appreciate their difference in opinion and ask that they would respect our right to conduct our ministry how it seems best to us. Please realize that any emails that we receive will be recorded and will provide a factual record of any hostile or illegal content. Your life is valuable. If you will seek to please God, He will bless you. God has a remarkable gift you can discover if you are willing to believe. Jesus is awesome!
(Please forgive me for any writing mistakes, remember this "poor kid" never went to public school! Ha, ha, ha.)
Thank you.
Joshua J. Woroniecki.

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