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Slammed: A pamphlet written and distributed by Michael Woroniecki concerning the many difficulties that we face in life.


We all get SLAMMED by the various pressures of this world. Things from within us and things from outside. If there really is a God, Who has profound love for you, don’t you think He would have an alternative to the quite-miserable way we usually deal with stress?
We are not made of steel but fragile tissue. Our minds are not impersonal computers but linked directly to our heart and emotions. Unforeseen circumstances expose that we are not as ‘together’ as we pretend to be. Sometimes we implode with anger or depression. After a while it is easy to just give way to complete apathy “Ah, who cares?”.
Whatever your response, one thing becomes very obvious. We are vulnerable, weak and prone to think and say negative things. Our heart can be easily cracked like fragile glass. So you feel compelled to harden your heart and toughen your outer shell. The pivotal question you must contemplate is whether or not you really want answers and a solution. To harden your heart is the worst possible thing you can do in order to discover God’s awesome revelation!
People love to talk on and on about their problems. They love to blame everybody they possibly can, even the Creator God. Even the guy who insists Jesus is NOT God, when slammed, will suddenly find the faith to believe just long enough to blame and curse Him. Interesting. Ever heard anyone say “Oh, Allah damn it” or “Ah, Buddha”? A break-up or a break-down brings our inside out and turns us upside-down. Our “Mr. Cool N. Together” is suddenly exposed as “Mr. Jack Ass”. We all find a very uneasy affinity to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.
You must realize that to discover God’s real love for you is not a “warm and fuzzy” transcendence. It requires the ‘brute force’ of FAITH (Mt.11:12). God defines all our crazy behavior as SIN (Jer.17:9/Rm.3:10/Ecc.9:3). You don’t have to get rid of it. You have to BELIEVE that Jesus already did just that! There really is a monster inside each of us. We are born with it yet deny it every day. The crazy thing is that it’s very name, Pride, is something we both cherish and hide. How’s that for logic? Sin is an enigmatic beast with many faces whose proud motivations find their origin in the prince of darkness. Such truth is either a hard pill to swallow or, like it was for me, the medicine for my sickness (Jer.17:9).
You have probably read many things but have you ever SERIOUSLY read the gospels of the New Testament? Don’t you think this might be a bit more important? Is there any truth to issues such as finding true fulfillment, discovering God’s love and being saved into heaven and from hell by Jesus? God’s truth is a sword that strikes at the heart of the monster. We each have to face-down the monster within but God wants to be there with you to teach you how exactly to do it. God command us to repent AS He provides the alternative of His Spirit and new life.
The true church is not a place that you go, but rather a person that you become (Acts.7:48). God wants to spare you the heartache, disillusionment and depression that comes from listening to what “they” say. He wants you to learn directly from His Spirit(1Jn.2:27). People think that by meeting other like-minded “Christians”, and becoming involved in such an atmosphere, their own lives will become better. It may seem this way for a season. The problem arises when you put your trust in people and then realize they are not who they appear to be. When you get SLAMMED everything again bottoms-out just like it did before. Only this time you are twice as bummed out because you thought you found the answer. Then you say “Oh, I tried ‘IT’ but ‘IT’ wasn’t for me”. That’s right. Now what about HIM? You didn’t search beyond what “they” say. You stopped short. You settled for the system of Christianity rather than personally seeking the Person of JESUS!
Church is not the answer any more than booze, money, a nice house, recreation or entertainment. They all offer the same thing; temporary hype. Something to pacify the urges of the beast within.
Jesus does not say “Come to church”. He cries out “Come to ME...” (Jn.7:38/5:40/Mt.11:27). All alone! He demands no moral life-style or tote-the-line legalism. His one demand is humility in your inner most being (Ps.51). Truth is not a concept or “accept Christ” formula. Jesus says “I AM the truth” (Jn.14:6)!
Being alone in this cruel world is very tough. Getting SLAMMED can make it unbearable. ( God says this world belongs to Satan!-1 Jn.5:19). God yearns to be gracious to you. He proved it by sending Jesus. When most people hear His Name they equate it with a picture or some churchy life-style. Can you possibly get beyond all this baloney to seriously contemplate the Jesus of the Scriptures?
Jesus was SLAMMED beyond recognition (Is.53). He proved Himself to be God by the response He brought back, from the dead, the very resurrection life He now offers you (Jn.11:25). Yes, God is invisible but He PROMISES that if you will seek Him you will find answers from His Spirit (Mt.7:7ff). Yes, we’re talking about FAITH. But what do you got to lose by humbling yourself and re-examining, all alone, God’s written Word?
No one wants to deal with sin. Just cover it up and hope it’s never exposed. As if Jesus is unaware of it. Sin is not some thing you do. It IS human nature. None of us are a “basically good person”. The Bible says all men are born evil (Gen.6:5/ Rm.3:10ff, 5:17 /Eccl.9:3/ Jer.17:9). All of us bear the nature of Adam’s rebellion. It’s not like you might go to hell. It is God’s justice for rebellion. Yet out of His precious mercy, God offers mercy and transformation!
Jesus offers you the forgiveness your conscience craves! Born the first time into Adam’s nature you must now ask Jesus to be born AGAIN (Jn.3:7/1 Cor.15:45/2 Pt.1:4/Jer.31:33/1 Jn.2:17). Let God slay the monster with the truth! FAITH will open up a whole new world where there is a peace you cannot imagine(Jn.14:27/Phil.4:7)! The next time you get SLAMMED remember....there is a divine alternative! Ask God for help! Expect Him to answer!
Salvation is not about finding “it” but meeting Jesus! How hard is it to start talking TO GOD, not just thinking about Him? Start asking Him about all matters in your life. Ask Him what it really means to be “BORN AGAIN”
(Jn.3:3). Seize this time! You don’t know how long you have left! God says, “Now is the day of salvation”(2Cor.6:2). Your past doesn’t matter but your future does. Humble your heart. Become childlike (Mt.18:3). Jesus promises to fill you with living water, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find(Jn.7:37/Matt.7:7).
Start anew and read the Gospel of John. Search deeper! Unless a seed falls into the earth it remains alone, but if it dies it yields much fruit(Jn.12:24)!

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