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Michael Woroniecki - "What about you?"

What about you? A pamphlet written and distributed by Michael Woroniecki primarily on the university campuses of the United States.

Love calls. Truth beckons. Don’t do it! Don’t surrender your sincerity and passion. Don’t sell your soul to a world that doesn’t care. Don’t chase a dream promised by strangers. Seriously consider what I lay before you. Pay the price for solitary thought to explore this deeper call. Something within insists that there has to be a higher purpose than to better your life and work eight to five.

The world sizzles with images, songs and movies depicting man’s need as being for a dreamy-kind of “love” waiting in another soul “out there”. But 75% divorce rate, the vexing-powers of lust and a world strewn with shattered hearts expose the brutal clash between fantasy and reality. Our needs are far greater than any human can provide.
Things can turn on a dime. Bad times can come out of nowhere and who really cares? They say “dog eat dog” and “survival of the fittest”. Not exactly something to look forward to. Face it. This is a “Matrix” world. Where exactly was it that you received “the program” that you should do what you’re thinking about doing? What’s “out there” that you want so bad that you are unwilling to break from all “the codes”?
It is mind-blowing how fast time flies. I never thought I would be fifty years old. At the age of twenty I chose a crucial turn in this “race” against time. I became the upset winner of a race fixed against me. I just knew that if God made an ocean teaming with life, galaxies of stars, the glory of a hummingbird and millions of flowers then, most certainly, He did not leave His primary creation of man to ‘get a job’. Neither would a personal God pawn-me-off to some “church” system to know Him.
I attended a university on a football scholarship and became known as “Crazy War”(from my last name). Little did anyone know how accurately this nickname described the “war” going on within me. Like everyone I acted “cool and macho” but was tormented by insecurity. Academics were never really my forte even though I attained a Master’s degree. I just never followed the crowd. Rather the venture I chose led me beyond the shallow goals of my contemporaries into fulfillment beyond what I could have ever dreamed.
Sure, there is a price of isolation to pay, but one shot at life is all you got!The way you respond right now to God’s Word will determine where and what you will be doing five years from now. You will either be reaping the consequences of doing your own thing or inheriting the blessings of becoming established in God’s will. Are you willing to recognize that you may have accepted a perspective on life that is actually working against the very thing you want? A wise man does not think himself immune to deception (2 Cor.13:5/ 1 Cor.4:13,9:27 /Phil.3:8).
From India to China every person is shaped by the society into which one is born. You don’t have much to say about it when you’re a kid but as an adult you are personally accountable to reexamine what you’ve been taught. There are many kinds of mistakes in life that can be remedied. However, when you are deceived for five, ten or twenty years you can not get them back! Regret is your only option.
Your future is not determined by the stars. You CAN change! You HAVE to change! A little humility now will go a long way in determining God’s attitude towards you for the rest of your life (Ps.51:17/Is. 57:15). Pride is the natural reaction to hurt and insecurity. The world says pride is good. God says it is the road to destruction (Pr.14:12, 16:18/ 1Pt.5:5). He used football injuries to break my pride so I could begin to discover His world (Jn.9:39). He tries to use circumstances to draw you to Himself but your pride jeopardizes your chance for a right response(Heb.3:15).
Who do you perceive rules this world? Have you ever considered how your most impressionable years of childhood were subjected to this authority?! For twelve years, eight hours a day, you were trained in the standards of this world. You were drilled and conditioned to think the purpose of life is to better yourself and make this world a better place.
The Bible clearly reveals that after Adam and Eve sinned the entire world came under the complete dominion of Satan (1 Jn.5:19./Jn.14:30/Lk.4:6). God does not rule this world. It is written “friendship with the world is hostility towards God” (Jm.4:4). It is not a “higher” education, but one that comes from below, that ensnares you into sophisticated and analytical reasoning (1 Cor.3: 19/ Jm.3:15/ 1 Tim.6:20/2 Cor.10:3-5). This world did not exactly display fondness for Jesus Christ when He declared absolute truth and manifested God’s Character (Jn.8:23/ Jm.4:4/ 1Jn.2:15). God’s wrath is about to destroy this world then create a new heaven and earth (2 Pt.3:7,13). To invest your life in this world is like investing in a condemned building. “Hey, Joe, hold that demolition charge until I lay new carpeting”. You are working against destiny.
It is grievous to realize how much this world has determined who you are and what you’re doing today. Yet maturity and wisdom can enable you to stand aside and change what you have allowed, consciously or subconsciously, to constitute your being. How deep do your rivers run? Are you willing to face and work-through a wrong perspective which has left you with an “attitude”? It will only be to your great advantage to do so!
Jesus could have done far more than you to “make this world a better place” but He says “My kingdom is not of this world”(Jn.18:36). God sees all the “good works” of this world as works of defiance to His revelation (Is.64:6/Jn.14:6). As if God failed and now had to wait for men to go to college in order to make themselves, and their world, better than He could. Through Christ, God offers a NEW world and a NEW life completely contrary to this world (Jn.3:3/Rm.12:2/2 Cor.5:17). It was not Jesus Christ but Ben Franklin who said “God helps those who help themselves”. Jesus helps those who die to themselves. He reveals “He who loves his life (self) shall lose it and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal (Jn.12:25).” This is not talking about physical death.
I first read these words one day after football practice sitting in my dorm room. I was devastated by all the rejection from my teammates. Suddenly it was like a huge weight lifted from my back; “I am meant to die before I die” (Jn.12:24/Rm.6:6)! God was using my situation of intense suffering to “crucify” my ego (Gal.2:20,6:14). Allowing God to break you is the only way to be forced into the new life awaiting you in Christ (2 Cor.5:17). It is the only way to be set free from yourSelf (Jn.8:32). I know this may sound strange and scary right now because self is all you know. You really don’t know what this means. Be honest. God Himself wants to teach you (Jn.6:44). Satan wants nothing more than to distort this awesome reality.
You’ve been taught “Simple child-like faith in God will get you nowhere.” People constantly ask us how God will provide if you don’t get a job and do what “they say” you must do. Imagine our needs as a family of eight. Yet we have never been supported by a “church” or asked for money. We have preached in over thirty countries and marvel at God’s abundant provision. It is written “He calls into being that which does not exist...” (Rm.4:17). Despite what “Christians” tell you, God can and will provide whatever is needed for the one who seeks His will (Mt.6:33/ Phil. 4:19)!
Many people today say they know “God’s will”. In one country the Muslim says murder is God’s will. In America the “Christians” exploit the naive by saying it’s “God’s will” to build multimillion dollar ego-ministries (Mt.7:21/Is.53). Some insist that to marry someone, take a job, go to school or join some club is God’s will. They think saying it makes it so (Ps.50:16/Is.55:9). God warns against such presumption but will not stop anyone (Pr.13:10,20:25). When those things or people end up being a source of grief and misery who’s fault is it? They have already claimed God led them into it.
SATAN’S END-TIME STRATEGY -Satan has a job to do...and you are it! The tremendous emphasis put on education these days is demonic. Satan knows his time is running out. Resounding throughout those halls of Aristotle are the voices of demons imposing their curriculum from hell. They insist “Memorize and regurgitate. Better this world. Self-esteem. Defy God! Exalt Babylon!” And the “Christians” blindly go along (Mt.15:14).
It is a Biblical truth that Satan owns your soul (See THE ANSWER). His greatest effort is to counterfeit the only way you can be saved. USA TODAY recently ran a poll citing 1 out of 3 claim to be a Christian. As Islam is to Arabia and Hinduism to India so too you are born into a culture of Christianity. The deluge of churches has had its intended effect. Everyone from the President to a bum on the street claims affinity to Christianity. Movies, books, TV stations, celebrities and movements inundate this culture with an image of a “jesus” opposed to God’s revelation (2Cor.11:4).
Recently I was preaching in the open-air forum of a Las Vegas parade. A man, who was angered by my warning of hell, insisted that he knew all about Jesus because he had seen the movie “The Passion of Christ”. Such “logic” would mean that anyone who watched “Top Gun” would be transformed into a fighter pilot. This nation accepts foolishness as fact and thrives on tokenism, platitudes and hypocrisy. Abstract knowledge does not equal personal experience.
Over generations Satan has successfully built a false church as an accepted institution. Through it he has saturated men with the notion of an acceptable “jesus” (2 Cor.11:4/ Gal.1:6ff). Biblical terminology is common knowledge amongst the masses yet people have no clue to God’s will for their lives. They rationalize their aimlessness, justify their lust and insist “Oh, I already got IT.” It’s true. You do got IT (a system about Christ)! You equate the “fellowship” in “church” with fellowship with the living Person of Jesus! And Satan loves it so. No one refers to Someone they know and love as “IT”. This is not semantics or a ‘slip of the tongue’(Mt.12:34, 15:18).
All this deception and confusion is derived from one thing; the unwillingness to slay the ever-so evasive monster called SELF (Jer.17:9/Pr.28:26/Ecc.9:3). Your greatest obstacle to God’s will is within you. YOU are your own greatest enemy. You can blame many things or people for your struggles. You can make thousands of excuses. Beneath it all is the stubborn refusal to submit to God’s will in true repentance. Considering the immense work of Jesus on the cross there is no excuse (Jn.15:22)!
Satan is so wise. He has used his “church” to define sin as some THING that goes away when you say you’re sorry. This is ridiculous! Satan wants you to think the actions of Adam and Eve, long ago, have little to do with you today. Their actions have everything to do with you today! A “pandora’s box” was opened when Adam and Eve defied God. They spit in the face of God by choosing self-autonomy. The human nature of all mankind was corrupted. The enigma of SIN gave birth to EGO. Before sin, man did not possess EGO; SELF-LIFE! Adam was immersed in God, not in himself (Rm.5:12). Satan feeds your self-pity and babble about all your “problems” while hiding from you the source; SIN.
Sin is not something you DO or don’t DO. It is who you are by nature. You are a SINner. You are infected with rebellion. Sin is an evil within your blood. Through procreation Adam’s nature of sin is passed on to ALL men (Rm.5:12). It will never go away (Rm.7:17ff). No one can become a “basically good person” because everyone is born into this wicked nature (Ps.51:5/Is.59:2/Job25:6/Ecc.9:3/Jn. 2:25/ Rm.3:10). A leopard can not change his spots(Jer.13:23)!
Self-life (sin) is our first impulse day and night. Sin is not just lust or greed. It is vanity, foolishness, loneliness and aimlessness. These are not personality traits or weaknesses. These are feelings written within our soul. They are consequences of Adam being severed from the Creator. They do not originate from outward influences but inward tendencies. Your feelings and thoughts are the same as his. In one sense, sin is not your fault. You were not there. However, you now have what Adam had; a choice! Adam made his, now you must make yours. Men brag about their independence exactly like their father ; “Nobody tells me what to do. I listen to no one but myself”. Sorry to hear that. Then, in the next breath why is it that you whine about your life and blame God (Pr.19:3)? Either you are lord or Jesus is Lord. Blame yourself or repent!
Nothing less than your salvation from HELL is at stake here! It is no wonder that on this most important issue Satan has successfully supplanted the Biblical revelation of Jesus (Mt.16:25/ Mk.8:35 /Lk.9:24/ Jn.12:25) with the parroting of a (John Wesley) man-made formula i.e. “Accept Christ”. These specific words are not found anywhere in the Bible! Yet the false church insists this formula is how you “get saved”. Jesus is not some THING to be accepted. He is SomeONE you must obey (Jn.3:36,15:14). Peter, John and Paul proclaimed Jesus as “the Rock of offense”, not an acceptable system of doctrines (Mt.21:42/Jn.15:18/1Pt.2:8).
God understands your susceptibility to Satan’s schemes. His Spirit can expose all Satan’s lies. His Solution is perfect. He wants to meet you right where you’re at. Become transparent with God. Don’t dwell on your past or you’ll have no future. The question is are you willing to probe the mystery called FAITH? Will you investigate God’s “hidden” wisdom in the ancient means of torture called “the cross” (1 Cor.1:18ff)?

THE ANSWER- God never intended man to die. Death is the direct result of sin. It is written “the soul who sins will die”(Ez.18:3/Rm.6:23/Heb.2:14). Satan has the judicial right to every soul. God is holy and cannot tolerate sinners (Hab.1:13/ Is.6:3). Through sin man is held hostage (Gal.3:22ff/1Jn.5:19). Little did Satan suspect that God Himself would sacrifice His only Son to pay the ransom for all men for all time (Mt.20:28/Heb.9:12). On the cross Jesus “bore” the nature of the first Adam; SIN (2 Pt.2:24/2 Cor.5:21). Jesus offered the necessary blood atonement for man’s soul (Lev.17:1/Heb.9:11ff, 7:27). While we were yet sinners Jesus substituted Himself, vicariously, in our place (Rm.5:8).
When Jesus was crucified, God’s wrath was satisfied (Mt.20:28). The collision of two worlds took place in the heart of the Lamb and left Him slain on a cross. But Satan was finally defeated because Jesus rose again (Lk.24/Heb.2:14/ 1Cor.15:55/Acts3:15)! Eternal life is now God’s marvelous alternative to this world of sin and death (Jn.11:25). Jesus became the first born from the dead (Rev. 1:5,17/Col.1:18). He became a “second Adam” in that He could now recreate a man to join His resurrection race. Not as a fallen soul but as a “life-giving spirit” (Jn.3:3 ,4:24,11:25,7:37-38/1 Cor.15:45).
You can’t get rid of yourself. It would be demented for God to expect you to “be good” when He declares all men are born wicked (Rm.3:10ff). God has provided the one means whereby a man can be freed from himself (sin)(Heb.11:6).Man cannot “better himself” but he can become new (2 Cor.5:17)! At birth you were born into Adam’s nature of sin now you must be born again into the resurrection of Christ (Jn.3:3/2Pt.1:40). It is written “whoever loses his life...WILL FIND IT” (Mt.16:25). The heart is unlike any other mechanism. It only becomes useful when it is broken (Ps.51:17/Jer.17:9). You must die before you can live (Rm.6:6). Not in a religion of morbid self-denial but in faith to discover access to His resurrection life (Jn.10:10/1Pt.1:8).
Faith is the divine provision whereby God “reckons” His perfect righteousness to a man (Rm.4). Faith is the only way to understand God’s perspective on sin (Rm.4:5ff/ 1Jn.3:9). To experience the Person of Jesus is the beginning, the focus and the end of true faith (Heb.12:2). Only His Spirit can empower you to discern between soul and spirit (Heb.4:12/ Acts1:8). His work, long ago, can become retroactive in your every day life (Gal.2:20). It will take time. and commitment to understand “It is finished”(Jn.19:30).
Salvation is not religious. God’s Character is so personal and His sense of humor is awesome. I met Jesus while sitting in, of all places, the football stadium of Notre Dame (Jn.3:7)! No “churchy” formula recited, emotional catharsis or vision. Just the witness of the living Jesus anointing my resolution to believe. Jesus gives no logical “How to” formula. So neither do I. Only to say salvation is not a thing you do but a Person you meet. The Spirit of Jesus changed me into a vessel of His wind (Jn.3:8). Instantly I was consumed with Jesus rather than myself. No longer to seek an identity found in myself but in His finished work. Who I am to become and what I am to do is no longer my burden.
I have seen His glory for thirty years! The hypocrites always insist on “church, church, church,” because they have no real experience with the Person of Jesus. Their “salvation” is either assimilated from our “Christian” culture or “church” and Bible studies. Jesus says “Come to ME... learn from ME” (Mt.11:28/ Jn. 5:40,6:37,7:37 / 1 Jn. 2:27 ). Do it and you’ll see! Jesus says “My yoke is easy and light” (Mt.11:27ff).
Faith is both your choice to believe; and God’s gift as a reward for your choice (Heb.11:6/ Eph.2:8-10). It is the substance to access reality beyond yourself (Heb.11:1 /Rm.1:17/ 1 Cor.2:11ff). God wants your ordinary life to behold extraordinary things. This is the nature of His love. You don’t have to fear giving yourSelf to God. God is good and merciful (Rm.2:4/ Ex.34:6 /Is.30:18). Despite all your sin Jesus still wants to save you (Rm.5:8/ 2Pt.3:9). If you will yield yourself to His cross, He will yield resurrection life to you. If you will give of yourself, God will give of Himself (Jm.4:8). Faith is a choice based on God’s revelation. So your future depends on how accurately you know His revelation (2 Tim.2:15/Jn.5:39).
It would be wisdom to get away from everything and everybody. Go someplace beautiful. Spend time all alone studying God’s Word rather than man’s word. Search the New Testament. Find out Who God is and who you are to become. Only then will you be “educated” for your future. Don’t settle for the words of a friend or even a pastor or priest. You must prove a HEART willing to go beyond what is accepted as the “church”. You must go beyond a “salvation” that has no real power. You must go beyond a “repentance” based on erratic feelings. If you look to others you will never discover Jesus (Jn.6:40).You need revelation (Is.48:17)
Solitude is mandatory. You must ‘go it alone’. It is so worth it! The consequences of not doing this now will be tragic later. You will face severe temptation in times yet to come. God says if you become “entangled” by something you once escaped you will become far worse than you ever were before (2 Pt.3:20). I have seen people become reprobate. It is deplorable (Mt.6:23/Is.5:20)!
People say “God Bless America”. God says ALL nations are under His wrath (Is.24:20,13:11/ Zeph.1:18/ 1Thes.5:3). Capitalism is not God’s prosperity. Drug addiction, AIDS, greed and gluttony are not “social ills” but plagues upon a cursed nation. American Christianity has indoctrinated you with Satan’s lies so that when you are confronted with the truth of Jesus you call it a lie (1 Tim.4:1/Is.5:20)! Satan wins. Inoculated with a form of godliness, you are immune to reality (2Tim.3:5). God threatens to turn you over to such deception if you repeatedly reject the truth (2 Thess. 2:11). The christianization of unrepentant sinners is the delusion that God warns is a sign of these last days (Mt.7:22). You must repent!
Jesus is obviously not in keeping with status quo. Absolute truth is not for the feigned of heart. If you are standing in self-pride you are upset by what you’ve read here. Many people hate our ministry and lie about us. So you’re not alone. Jesus said this would happen (Mt.5:11,24:9/Jn.15:18). You must learn that God’s love is not man’s love. I love you with His truth (Gal.4:16). There is no greater love than to lay down one’s self to obey God and confront men with truth (1 Jn.5:3 /Jn.15:13).
To tolerate deception is a concept condemned in the Bible (2 Cor.6:14/1 Cor.5:13/Eph.5:11). Yet tolerance is the modern buzz-word for this nation of cowards. People use this social-religious rhetoric to ignore the truth. They have no problem judging politicians, cults, or people who commit a crime but when they are confronted as hypocrites they cry “Who are you to judge? Where’s your “love”? Tolerance is the absence of courage (Jn..7:24/ 1 Cor.2:15/Eph.4:15). Better to be humiliated now than to be tormented in hell for eternity!
Satan’s destiny of hell is inevitable and so is yours if you harden your heart. Hell is no scare tactic or swear word. God sent Jesus to save you FROM hell. If you take lightly this mercy you will receive His justice (Mt.23:33/ Mk.9:43/ Rev.20:15,21:8)! Satan’s will for you is to resist and defend yourself. God’s will for you is to turn from yourself and learn to walk in the Spirit of the living Christ! (We care about YOU!
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