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. A pamphlet written and distributed by Michael Woroniecki concerning the Living Jesus

What if you could talk to a dead man? Would an Einstein or Lennon reveal the secret to your most complex problem? One time, I talked to a ‘dead man’. Everyone told me then, as now, that this is ‘crazy’!
Yet my deep quest for fulfillment drives me to challenge status quo. I refused the dictates of grade school, high school and college that life is about getting a job, making money and getting ahead in this empty world.
So there I was all alone. I envisioned standing at the dead man’s grave sight. Desperate. Willing to yield to the Unknown. What if? Just what if this dead man would talk to me? It would transform my life. Finally I would find purpose. I could discover the secret to the greatest quest of human life. With my back to the world I had nothing to lose but pride. I uttered desperate words into thin air; “Are you alive?! Can you hear me? Can you”.
Suddenly, in the time called June and the space called Notre Dame football stadium, I was transformed, deep inside, by the Xplosion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! I dared talk to a man the world claims is dead and He answered me! JESUS IS ALIVE!
Crazy talk “they” say. That’s ok. I was a lost and wicked soul. Nothing men today say matters one iota in light of what God has given me. I became a life-giving spirit (1 Cor.15:45/Jn.4:24). I have ETERNAL LIFE! Can you imagine! I will never bear witness to a “church” or preacher. It is JESUS Who alone died and rose again and Who alone saves a man. No group or religion.
Little did I know, at that moment, I had entered the realm of “the wind” of God’s Holy Spirit. I later understood my experience was defined by Jesus as being “born from above” (Jn.3:3-8). From then on I chose to close my ears to the many voices of men because I was now granted to hear the wisdom of God’s voice (Jn.10:27). I reckoned my sinful self dead, with His death on the cross, so I could learn His resurrection life (Rm.6:6/ 1Cor.15:45). I could join with all the ‘dead’ men who have learned to sing the song of the LIVING JESUS!
The New Testament manuscripts document the earth shook with the explosion of an earthquake when Jesus rose from the tomb(Mt.28:18). People actually came out of their graves and walked about in the city! These weren’t zombies. These were the first people ever to be infused with resurrection power! Do you think they ran around telling people to “Go to church on Sunday!” or “Pray the sinner’s prayer!”? They were full of the glory and power of the Lord Jesus Christ (Jn.11:25/Eph.1:19/ Phil.3:10) !
Many people think I’m just a poor deluded desperado. They say “Oh enough already. I’m saved. I go to church but this whole “living Jesus” thing is just not as grandiose as you make “IT” out to be. Some actually go to great length to spread wicked lies about my family and I because they are so threatened by our witness of Jesus. They are furious over being exposed as hypocrites. We forgive and pray for them. For if I could rip open my heart and show the Risen Jesus to all the world I would. But all I can do is let my life and words bear witness of His resurrection power within.
Jesus says the world “hates” Him (Jn.7:7/15:18,25). Men said He was insane and demon possessed. Yet I have never, in over thirty years of preaching all over the world, ever heard even one person say this. Different culture? Yes. Different nature? No. These are the last days. This is the end-time anti-christ culture that has put on the “sheep skin” of a sophisticated “Christian” nature. The world shows a feigned respect for Jesus. There’s Christmas and Easter, the calendar dated by Jesus’ life (B.C.and A.D.), the constant reference to His virtue and teachings and multitudes of businesses called churches and groups that link themselves directly with Jesus. But He has nothing to do with any of it.
The so-called Christians of today yoke themselves with all religions in the name of tolerance. They say this is true peace and love. It is neither. It is the an abomination of cowards. The Koran blasphemes that God had NO son. Muslims, as well as Jews and other religions, say Jesus was a teacher but not Who He claimed to be. You can’t have it both ways. Either Jesus was true and equal with God or He was a liar. He would then, in no way, be a good teacher.
The truth Jesus is the ONLY way to God. He is the ONLY One Who claimed to be God and do the things of God. Jesus is set apart from ALL others in history. If Jesus did NOT rise from the dead, then why does the world show Him even an ounce of respect? Any guy who walked around claiming He could forgive sin, would rise from the dead and was one with God should be treated as insane, not with respect!
If the world truly believed Jesus ROSE FROM THE DEAD, why isn’t hearing His voice the primary focus of the entire human race? If all believe that God actually came to this earth in His Son then why aren’t the air waves ecstatic over such divine revelation? Why are football games, political rallies and rock concerts far more important and exciting? Why isn’t every newspaper and TV program consumed with the resurrection phenomenon? How many other historical figures claimed they would RISE FROM THE DEAD?! Mohammed? Buddha?
Either Jesus is alive, for you to really meet, or He is not! I remember thinking about this often, when I first began to consider Jesus back in college. What would it really mean if Jesus were alive today? Would He actually make the effort to reveal Himself to a terrible sinner like me? To meet Jesus is not about having a strong imagination. One does not have to sit quietly and imagine Jesus standing there. Nor is one to try to emulate His life style. Jesus says “My sheep hear My voice” (Jn.10:27).
Jesus does not call you to adhere to a religion. The definition of religion is “a system of man’s beliefs” . Jesus is a living Person (Jn.11:25)! You can only receive what Jesus offers IF you come directly to Him! Jesus says “COME TO ME” (Mt.11:27ff). Such a command would be irrelevant if Jesus were dead or if His words were only intended for those back then.
Maybe Jesus is playing some kind of ‘Hide-an-go-seek’ game waiting for you to say the right words in a prayer-formula or to meet some specific moral standard of behaviour before He will act on your behalf. Everyone, including modern day “Christians”, act like following Jesus is one big guessing game. Their mind-set is “trying to be a Christian” which is nothing but legalism. At best they recognize a “resurrection” demonstrated by emotional exuberance at “church”. (They should be called Churchians not Christians. They call it “fellowship” when in reality only one guy talks while everyone else listens).
In all four gospels, Jesus prophesied He would die, rise from the dead and then sit at the right hand of God Almighty (Mk.9:31,8:34/Lk.18:33,9:23/Jn.12:24-25/Mt.16:24,26:64). In each gospel Jesus declares that the essential requirement for anyone to discover His resurrection is self-death! No “sinner’s prayer” or moral code. One must die to himself , to THIS world, in order to be born again into the life of Christ (Jn.12:24-25).
There is NO ONE else that could say such things and even remotely register on the Richter scale-of-reality! It would have been quite stupid for the authors of the New Testament to record such statements about death and resurrection if there was no substance of depth and reality or if they thought this guy was a looney-tune.
Jesus did not live His life in some obscure desert. Jesus didn’t invent amazing stories and then tell people He did them but no one else was around. Everything He did and said was in the open. Even His greatest enemies recognized the miracles of Jesus. A generation of Israel documented His acts. To deny the historical existence of Jesus would be like denying the lives of Columbus, Lincoln or Napoleon. Even secular documents outside the New Testament, like Josephus , record His life.
Jesus stood toe to toe with the greatest legal scholars and rulers of His day (Jn.8:3ff). This uneducated Carpenter refuted them like child’s play. He spoke words within words that took men into dimensions they never thought of before. When confronted with seemingly obvious contradictions to the Law, Jesus brought forth a realm beyond the letter of the law to the Spirit (Jn.8). He humiliated scholars (Mt.22:46). Jesus didn’t soften harsh words even when multitudes left Him (Jn.6:66/Mt.23).
Jesus bent the very laws of nature when He walked on water, changed water to wine, multiplied bread and fish and commanded a dead man back to life. Maybe this is the folk lore of a master wizard? But why would people recount with such detail the stories of an evil imposter? The Jews cried “Blasphemy! Kill Him!” (Jn.10:33/1Thes.2:14/Mt.26:65ff/ Jn.5: 18)! To them, Jesus was a noise, not a song because He declared Himself to be GOD ALMIGHTY without sin (Jn.8:58, 14:9/ Jn.8:46/ 1Pt.2:22/ Heb.4:15). He had gone too far. Did Jesus “freak out” or try to make things nice? Quite the contrary. (Mt.23)!
When one reflects on the historicity, one does not ascertain the ways of a blasphemer. Rather, Jesus manifested the ways of the Creator God, in both word and deed. So why then does the world not bow to Him in truth? He explained “Light is come into the world...and men loved darkness” (Jn.3:19). Contrary to the fairy tale of the world, men are not “a basically good people” but inherently evil. (Jer.17:9/ Ecc.9:3 / Rm.3:10). The conspiracy of SIN is as old as Adam. All men are BORN united against God in the shared rebellion imbedded in our human nature (Rm.3-5). I know. This is a heavy indictment. How does one turn one’s back on all one has known and get beyond something so offensive to our ego? But really, what’s the big deal? Why not deal with it NOW before it is too late?
God could have abandoned mankind to death and damnation. Instead, God implemented and utterly marvelous plan of astounding MERCY! God came to earth in Jesus and bore both man’s sin and the consequence of punishment. People, wanted back then as they want today, for Jesus to give them a “special” sign. As if His death was fine as kind of a general thing for everyone but they deserve something more. The only reason men do not esteem the profundity of Jesus is because man does not believe it is what it is and He is Who He is!
Such thinking is wicked because the ultimate sign of God’s love cost this “dead man”, Jesus, every drop of His blood. And truly, it is all that is necessary: “As Jonah was three days and nights in the belly of a whale so shall the Son of Man be in the earth” (Mt. 12:39). The person who demands a “special” sign from God defies the revelation of FAITH and makes mockery of God sacrificing His Son!
God did not choose from numerous options, then invent the most difficult gospel. There was only one option. Man squandered his 1st chance at perfection and corrupted himself by sin. If a holy God were to reestablish fellowship with man, He had to eliminate Adam’s sin, then provide a 2nd order of existence(1 Cor.15:45/Rm.5). Thus, the death and resurrection of His Son!
Jesus yearns to reconcile you to His Father! He fully dealt with ALL YOUR SIN! He wants you to know His profound forgiveness and love! The real reason you feel so miserable within is because you are separated from God (Heb.9,10). God promises to “reckon” everything you need through the substance called FAITH (Heb.11:1). The “sign” He is giving YOU a 2nd chance is the sign of the whale!
Jesus did not choose to be invisible. He IS Spirit. To “see” Him you must be reborn from a sinful soul into a risen spirit through His death and resurrection (Jn.4:24,3:3/Heb.4:12/1Cor.15:45). You must LOSE your life, the adamic nature, in order to find His (Jn.12:25/1 Pt.1:4). Thus, the loss of interest in this world (Jm.4:4/1 Jn.2:14ff).
Jesus did not choose the hardest path for you. He chose the ONLY path; obedience (1Jn.2:4/Jn.15:14) ! Men of this world claim to be alive. Actually, all men are dead in Adam’s nature of sin. Like a butterfly, you must die to your first creation in order to become “regenerated” into the recreation of Christ (Jn.3:3 ,4:24, 8:32/ 1 Cor.15:45). Jesus was the “1st born” from the dead (Col.1:18). Will you be numbered in His new race?
Death to self is not a morbid self-flaggelation like medieval Catholicism. Self becomes merely a fading image in your rear view mirror as you put the pedal to the metal in God’s super-charged resurrection race. Missing from your consideration of repentance is the PROMISE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (Jn.14,16/Acts 1:8/2 Cor.5:15). He does not leave you void of all you once had. Rather, God’s wonderful Holy Spirit overwhelms one with motive, grace and focus for all that matters in life.
When I began to read the Gospel of John, I considered whether I was merely reading historical statements, relevant only to people back then. Were His words pertinent for me today? Everything boiled down to one thing; Was Jesus alive and does His resurrection mean I can discover another life? Now, 32 years later, I worship God 24 hours a day, not in a place made by men, but by His Spirit (Jn.14:23/Acts 17:24/Jn.4:24/1 Jn.2:27).
You don’t have to kick open the door of your heart. Just unlock it. Seize back your will from the slavery to the Satan’s world. “Ask” Jesus says “and you shall receive” (Mt.7:7). He’ll meet you right where you’re at. Like a bad poker player, I was losing hand after hand in my life. Repeated football injuries and a shattered relationship brought me to one last time at ‘the table’. I figured I had nothing to lose by putting out all my ‘chips’ before God. I did not know at the time that this transparent humility is the one thing God demands (Ps.51:17).
It would be absurd for God to expect man, whom His Word declares to be utterly wicked, to now gird up, by one’s own strength and “try to be a good Christian”. Legalism! God has to do something for you that you can not do for yourself. You are doomed before you start, if you think getting to God is a dependent on your ability.
It’s not about what you must do to get to God. It’s about what God has already done to get to you. You don’t need another sign. Your situation doesn’t need something more. Your problem is that you think more of your situation than you do of God’s provision.
People constantly ask my family and I, “What is IT that makes you guys so different?”. We tell them there is no “IT”. When we answer “Faith in the RISEN Jesus!”. They either say “Oh, ya, we go to ‘church’” or become silent and walk away. Everyone today equates playing ‘church’ with knowing Jesus. In a culture where multitudes are fully accepted as “Christians” and talk of nothing but church, church, church, we are constantly persecuted because we confront the lie and bear witness solely to Jesus!
You have NO salvation if you “got it” by repeating a prayer formula (“I accept you Christ as my Savior”). Contrary to contemporary Christianity, Jesus is not waiting to “come into” YOUR wicked heart (Jer.17:9)! Quite the contrary, you must come into HIS heart (2 Cor.5:20/Col.3/Jn.14:23)! Will you trust your eternal destiny to a system of corrupt men just because they call themselves Christians?
God created a place for those who trample under foot His shed blood (Mt.13:42,52). Hell is a bottomless pit. God describes it as a lake of fire (Mt.25:41/Rev. 9:1,17:8)! It will be your destiny if you do not obey the truth of Jesus Christ!Defy the lies of chur$hianity! Go beyond. God yearns to grant you personal revelation of the Risen Christ (Mt.10:25/Eph.6:12/ Mt.11:12/ Lk.12:51/ Phil.3:8)! You don’t need to meet people. You need to meet God. The link between the historical Jesus of two thousand years ago and the LIVING Jesus of today is your will to repent and believe!God’s end-time judgment is increasing. Horrible things are coming. This is no game. I beg and warn you to repent before it is too late!

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